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Using ContentCal to build a whitelabel Agency business

Agency Stack + ContentCal

Company Type: Agency

Favourite Feature: Campaigns

Agency Stack is a Melbourne-based whitelabel agency providing services like social media and SEO to other agencies across the globe. Their talent pool fills in the holes of other agencies’ current service offerings, to provide their clients with on-demand resources to help them scale.

Agency Stack are quite the success story as over the last 18 months they've grown from nothing to over 700 clients. They've used ContentCal as a key component in managing that scale.

The Old Way

One of Agency Stack’s primary service offerings is organic social media. But for Steph and Agency Stack, there was no way to logistically get all of this content out for each of their clients. They were scurrying between Excel spreadsheets, emails for approvals, and Google Docs for collaborating on campaigns. For Steph, it was an impossible task to have a clear picture over everything that was going on.

The New Way

After trying nearly every content distribution and collaboration platform that they could get their hands on, when Steph found ContentCal, it felt like the one place they could finally do everything.

Overnight, collaboration was transformed. And not just internally but with their clients and end users too. Suddenly, all stakeholders now had visibility over what was planned, campaign objectives were clear, and processes were streamlined.

Implementing ContentCal was core to Agency Stack’s growth strategy and has enabled Agency Stack to scale from only a handful of clients that were all very manual in their handling to over 150 clients.

My favourite feature is the Campaign ‘ribbons’ that run across the top of each calendar. It's a place where the agency team or client can go in and add all of the details related to that campaign. It's taken away a lot of the back and forth emails, and now it’s one place we can all see what's going on so there's no confusion as to where we're up to or what's coming next. It's excellent.

-Stephanie Babinczky, Head of Content, Agency Stack

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