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Growing an agency with ContentCal

Alexander and Bailey Marketing + ContentCal

Company Type: Agency

Favourite Feature: The Calendar View

Alexander and Bailey Marketing are a marketing consultancy that is built on honesty and transparency. They look after a whole spectrum of services for clients, from audits and strategy, through to training and coaching, all the way down to implementation of search ads along with organic and paid social media.

The Old Way

Before setting up Alexander and Bailey with his business partner, Matt, Rian used to work for a full-service agency based in Liverpool. Rian’s role was to create the organic content for a range of differing clients. Of course, before any content could be published, it needed to be shared with the client for review and approval. Unfortunately for Rian, this was done using an Excel spreadsheet. These spreadsheets would go back and forth, version three would become mixed up with version eight, and no one would have a clear picture of what was happening on a daily basis.

After a very, very long process of research and trying to get a good understanding of other tools including the usual suspects like Hootsuite, Rian brought in ContentCal to transform his agencies’ processes.

So successful was this move that Rian took the leap to co-found his own agency, and ContentCal was the first tool that he implemented.

The New Way

Rian describes ContentCal as ‘our saving grace’. Even though they are a young business, they have been able to provide clients with a level of service that their competition can’t match. With ContentCal, they are now able to see a full overview of the content that they are creating and distributing for clients. With streamlined approval processes, clients can now see exactly the content that is going out onto their platforms, and through in-build collaboration tools, their clients can easily feedback in one centralized portal.

The fast-growing team at Alexander & Bailey are now able to write content a lot more cohesively, work a lot more strategically with clients, and on average, they are saving around five hours a week in content production alone.

My favourite feature is the OG, the content calendar, in particular, the month view. We absolutely love being able to have oversight of all the content that's going out across all channels. The addition of planning channels means we're able to have a complete content calendar, not just a typical social media scheduler that you find with the other third party solutions. We're able to tie everything into every bit of content marketing that we do

-Rian Bailey-Weir, Digital Director and Co-Founder, Alexander & Bailey Marketing Ltd.

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