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All-In-1 Content Marketing Tool

ContentCal is a content marketing collaboration tool putting content, people & ideas all in 1 place. Create, curate, share and draft your content.

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Simple content planning tools for easier lives

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the content planning process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Content Hub icon
Content Hub
One home for all content. Create template posts or use to store media, links, and ideas.
Approval Workflows icon
Approval Workflows
Avoid bottlenecks by ensuring content is signed off and approved by the most relevant member(s) of your team quickly and efficiently
Contributions icon
Create custom-made forms to collect content ideas and inspiration from your team.
Web Clipper icon
Web Clipper
Send links, articles, and inspiration direct to ContentCal with our browser extension
Users icon
Add team-mates or clients to Calendars to collaborate, feedback, approve, and more.
Permissions icon
Assign User Permissions to teammates and clients to restrict access and abilities
Scheduling icon
We can auto-publish content to a variety of destinations at your chosen time and date
Custom Planning Channels icon
Custom Planning Channels
Create a complete marketing hub by adding extra channels for whatever content you like.
Organic LinkedIn data icon
Organic LinkedIn data
See followers, paid followers, impressions, posts, follower growth, engagement rate, impressions, likes, comments, and clicks
Organic Facebook data icon
Organic Facebook data
See Likes, followers, views impressions, page views, posts, clicks, follower demographics, engagement rate, reactions, comments, shares, and reach
Organic Instagram data icon
Organic Instagram data
Have access to Followers, following, follower growth, impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, posts, follower demographics, engagement rate, likes, comments, saves, posts, and impressions
Organic Twitter data icon
Advanced Analytics
Organic Twitter data
View your followers, following, influence, tweets, follower growth, followers acquired, mentions, likes, retweets, replies, quotes, profile clicks, link clicks, tweet type, and impression source
Date picker icon
Advanced Analytics
Date picker
Analyze data over a custom time period up to the last 12 months
Scheduled reports icon
Advanced Analytics
Scheduled reports
Set your reports to automatically export each month, leaving you more time for creating great content
Follower insights icon
Advanced Analytics
Follower insights
Explore detailed follower demographics, including the gender and location of your audience, as well as their audience, to scope out partnership opportunities
Instagram Story Analysis icon
Instagram Story Analysis
View Impressions, reach, number of stories, and top-performing stories alongside your feed posts
Paid media analytics icon
Paid media analytics
Look across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and TikTok ads analytics to maximize your paid social results
Competitor analysis icon
Competitor analysis
See your competitors' performance and measure yourself against it to get ahead
Hashtag analysis icon
Hashtag analysis
Gain insight into how the hashtags you're using are performing, and what hashtags you should be using to get the most from your content
Go below the surface icon
Go below the surface
As well as the key, main social platforms, you'll also have access to data across Google My Business, Twitch & YouTube analytics
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From the moment we had the demo, I knew this was the tool for us. It had everything we were looking for so it was really easy to get cracking with it.

Paul Ince, Founder @ LikeMind Media
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