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Bad Rhino + ContentCal

Company Type: Agency

Favorite Feature: Approvals and Collaboration

Philadelphia-based, award-winning digital agency Bad Rhino was formed in 2010 by Rich DeMatteo and Marty Mcdonald. Having initially launched the business with a focus on organic social, they have since evolved into delivering a whole range of digital marketing activity, from website creation to strategy and online advertising for over 30 clients locally, nationally, and globally.

The Old Way

Managing 30 clients and over 120 social channels for clients means that processes need to be on point. Prior to ContentCal, the Bad Rhino team was using a mix of Google Sheets for content planning, approvals, and collaboration and Hootsuite and Sprout for scheduling this content.

Whilst the process did work to an extent, the challenges came when trying to share images with clients in a Google Sheet (if you’ve tried to add lots of images to a spreadsheet, you’ll know what we mean!) and trying to get timely sign off from clients.

This time drain was compounded by the need to schedule each post in a separate platform once it had been approved by the client.

To maintain their growth and deliver the service that their clients had come to expect from Bad Rhino, a change was needed.

The New Way

Bad Rhino implemented ContentCal in September 2017 and processes were immediately transformed. Clients were trained quickly and receptive to the change. The Bad Rhino team now had one single content management portal to easily keep track of all client activity - what content was planned, what was awaiting approval, what comments and suggestions the client had left, and what content was scheduled to be published.

The Bad Rhino team has also been able to improve their client onboarding thanks to the ease of gaining feedback through the platform. As a result, it's created a  smoother process for understanding their client's brand voice.

Time-saving has been a huge win for the team too as they are now saving on average one hour per client per month (across 30 clients, that’s nearly a full week for one employee).

The ability to reuse and repurpose content has also allowed for further time-saving and helps the team maximize the promotion of the content that’s been created.

Speaking of maximizing the potential... one of Bad Rhino’s proudest moments in managing social content for clients through ContentCal, was when they delivered their client $800,000 of revenue with $22,000 of ad spend. This is a perfect demonstration of well-planned organic content and using budgeting and targeting to wisely maximize impact.

Bad Rhino screenshot results

Clients were impressed by ContentCal right off the bat. It’s helped tremendously getting on the same page as our clients as quickly as possible.

-Rich DeMatteo, President and Co-Founder

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