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10 lesser-known ContentCal features

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
29th October 2019
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Approval Flows, Category Tags, Draft posts... 

You’re probably more than familiar with these parts of ContentCal.  But look closer and we’ve also got a handful of incredibly useful features & time-saving hacks that may have flown under your radar...  

1. Right-Click Actions

Post preview ContentCal There’s no need to click into a post every time you want to duplicate, delete, or preview the post. 

Just hover over the post and then right-click to see your options. 

You can also preview posts by selecting the eye icon on the top right of any post from the Social Media Calendar View.   

2. Favorite Calendars

Favorites ContentCal Whether you’ve got 90 Calendars, or just four, you can keep your most-used Calendars pinned to the top of your ContentCal Dashboard. 

Just select the star icon on each of your favorite Content Calendars.   

3. Unique post URL

Want to talk about a specific post with your team? You might want to quickly send a post example to a client, or to one of your team.

No problem. Just open the post in ContentCal, and copy and paste the URL from the web address bar. This’ll lead them straight to your post.  

4. Rearrange Calendar channels

Rearrange calendar ContentCal

Facebook not your priority? Say no more. Head into Setup and drag and drop to rearrange the order of your social media channels.

You can also re-order your Custom Planning Channels as you see fit.   

5. Pause Calendar

Pause calendar ContentCal That’s right - we’ve got an emergency stop button. 

Select the ‘Actions’ button at the top right of your Calendar to put the brakes on your Calendar. This pauses all content from being published.

In times of trouble, whether it’s a national disaster or a big mistake, you can hit the brakes in just two clicks. 

Then when the coast is clear, you can reactivate your calendar.

6. Filter posts by ‘Comments Only’

Posts to calendar ContentCal If your team or clients are super communicative in ContentCal, you might find it a little tricky to keep up with all the conversations.

Don’t just tune out… Instead, make sure you’re only getting the news that matters.

If you head to the ‘Filters’ option in the top right of your Calendar, you can filter by ‘posts with comments only’ to pick out every single post with one or more comment.  

7. Add posts to a Calendar from within another Calendar

calendar add posts ContentCal As long as you have the ability to ‘allow posts to be duplicated to other Calendars’ enabled from within Setup, you can create a post in one Calendar and add it to another Calendar at the same time. 

You can even add a post to a Calendar other than the one that you’re currently within.

Simply de-select the Calendar that you’re working on from within your post, and then select one of your other Calendars.  

8. Change the navigation color

Custom nav color ContentCal

Personalize ContentCal by heading into Setup and scrolling down to change your navigation color. 

If you’re an agency working with multiple clients, changing the navigation color to your client’s brand colors can help them feel more at home in ContentCal.

It will also help your content creators to distinguish more easily between the different brands they’re working on.   

9. @ Mentioning in comments

With so much going on, it’s easy to miss important messages. 

To send an email notification and alert anyone to your comment, be sure to @ mention relevant members of your team.   

10. Hover over graphs in ContentCal Analytics

Analtyics hover stats ContentCal ContentCal Analytics can provide a great overview of how your content is performing.

From viewing engagement levels and audience growth to finding out the best times to post, our analytics will help make your approach to social even smarter. 

If you’re looking for a little extra insight, don’t forget to hover over the visual graphs and charts to see the real nitty-gritty.

For more on ContentCal Analytics, read our help doc

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