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Your 10-step ContentCal trial checklist

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
25th June 2021

Alongside its standard content planning, creating and publishing capabilities ContentCal is filled with hidden gems and buried treasures, making it easy to miss some of our coolest, niftiest little features during your 14-day free trial.

To make sure you don’t skip any of the best bits, we’ve created a 10-step checklist to give you some extra guidance on all the wonderful things to check out during your trial. Maximizing your use of ContentCal’s features will ultimately increase the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts and well as make scheduling and planning content and social media substantially quicker and simpler.

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What’s included?

Our trial checklist helps you explore key ContentCal features as well as providing relevant help docs and inspirational blogs for every stage. For example, when you come to create your first post, we’ve included links to some of our most popular resources such as our key dates calendar for 2021, and our 46 social media post ideas.

Don’t forget…

Our trial checklist isn’t the only resource available if you’re looking for guidance during your trial...

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