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We reveal our 12 biggest Christmas confessions

'Tis the season to confess, and this year, we're spilling our biggest secrets as part of our alternative Christmas.

Sophie Thompson
17th December 2021

'Tis the season to confess, and this year, we're spilling our biggest secrets as part of our alternative Christmas. Accidentally ruined the turkey and had to sneak out for a fresh one? Ate food from the Christmas cupboard and blamed a sibling?

You're our kind of people!

In the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas, here are 12 Christmas confessions for those of us who get a bit mischievous around this time of year. Because if you don't laugh, you might cry when you get caught out.

  1. "Instead of focusing on one present at a time, I decided to wrap all of the gifts I had in one go. When it came to putting the tags on (of course) I had no idea which gift was for who. I really didn’t want to have to unwrap them and start over so I made some educated guesses. Some people were VERY confused by my gift choice that year."

  2. "I live in the kind of neighborhood where everyone posts Christmas cards through their neighbors' letterboxes. To be honest, I’m not the best at remembering names, so for a few of them, I deliberately made my handwriting as messy as I could when writing out the names I'd guessed. I think I got away with it."

  3. "At a Christmas party a few years ago I ran into a married couple who I hadn’t seen in a few years. The husband was dressed in a Santa Claus costume and I’d tried to crack a joke about sitting in his lap. The moment I heard it aloud I realized how inappropriate it sounded and tried to take it back but it was too late. His wife didn’t let him anywhere near me for the rest of the night."

  4. "I burnt the turkey the night before the big day and it was too late to replace it. I had a whole chicken sat in the fridge so I tried my luck by getting everyone as drunk as possible before dinner and tried to pass it off as the real thing. I'm yet to hear any complaints..."

  5. "Everyone knows Christmas food is the best food! And parents are super protective over the Christmas food cupboard. That's why when I 'accidentally' ate all of the chocolate, I planted my brother's sock at the scene of the crime so I wouldn't get caught out. Sorry, bro."

  6. "Pretending the car broke down en route to the in-laws' house so I didn’t have to face them...who can blame me for not wanting to ruin my own Christmas?"

  7. "I took a Tupperware box down to the kitchen before dinner was served to create my own roast potato stash for later thinking I was stopping the greedy relative in their tracks...and accidentally became the greedy relative in the process. No regrets!"

  8. "I bought myself extra presents and put them under the tree so it looked like I was more popular than everyone else..."

  9. "If my sister's gifts look bigger or better than mine, I swap the labels before we open them so I have a chance at the big-ticket present."

  10. "I dropped the sprouts on the floor and just gave them a quick rinse under some water before serving them up. There was no time to start again!"

  11. "A couple of Christmases ago, my parents got me an expensive gift that I didn't really like. I knew my mum wasn't going to be at Christmas the following year so I secretly re-gifted it to my sister. Secret until she was showing off her 'amazing new necklace' from me on Boxing Day. Awkward."

  12. "The dog ate half the turkey so I spent two hours piecing it together to make it look semi-turkey-like again and not absolutely obliterated. It was like a game of Operation."

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