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12 people we’d rather have come down our chimney instead of Santa

Santa is overrated. We've asked the ContentCal team who they wish would come down their chimney and why.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
6th December 2021

Santa is overrated. All the big guy does is bring a few presents and take a bite out of our mince pies, without even sticking around to say hi. Frankly, old St Nick is no longer our first choice of chimney visitor.

This year, to give marketers a much-needed break from the festive spirit they’ve embodied since July, we asked the ContentCal team who they wish would come down their chimney and why...

Ed Sheeran

“I would totally dig Ed Sheeran's redhead coming for a quick "Shape of you" performance”

Gregg Wallace

“Gregg Wallace so he can tell me he likes the buttery biscuit base on my mince pies”

Michael Bublé

“Who could say no to a festive concert with Mr Christmas himself in their own living room?”

Mrs Hinch

“Mrs Hinch would be welcome - after all of the mess of prepping for Christmas, she could clean up instead of leaving presents!”

Keith Floyd

“Who better to have a little drinkie and a long chat with while cooking Christmas dinner… and supper.”

Homer Simpson

“Having that nightmare layabout, beer-drinking, donut-eating, untidy, lazy person in the house would deflect the flack away from me.”

Gordon Ramsay

“I'd love to tell him that his Turkey is dry and the Yorkshire puds are soggy (and not having to do any cooking is a bonus).”


“Honestly, if he could wait until all the in-laws had arrived and then do the 'snap' it would make Christmas twice as bearable.”

Elon Musk

“Santa is overrated but Elon is not. Earlier this year, he committed to giving $150 million to charity. Hats off to this guy!”

Nicholas Cage

“Just picture it, it would be EPIC. And slightly terrifying, but mostly epic.”

Stephen Fry

“I'd like to have Stephen Fry come down my chimney. I think he'd be a great character to have a glass of wine and mince pie with while talking about some crazy facts.”

Pete Davidson

“This guy dated Ariana Grande and now Kim Kardashian; frankly the best Christmas gift for me would be to see what all the fuss is all about.”

We’re not sure what this list says about the ContentCal team as a whole - other than we probably need some cooking lessons due to the number of chefs included!

Tell us who’d be your idea chimney drop-in guest using #AlternativeChristmas on Twitter or LinkedIn. We’ll send some non-festive treats to our favorites!

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