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20 social media post ideas for the Holiday season

Here are 20 social media post ideas to sprinkle some seasonal content among your usual social output.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
24th November 2021

If you want to inject some Christmas spirit into your social media content without launching a full Christmas campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 social media post ideas to sprinkle some seasonal content among your usual social output.

1. Capitalize on key dates in December

December is filled with opportunities for seasonal content such as Christmas Card Day or Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Find out what key dates are coming up in December 2021 using our key dates Calendar. Plan your content in advance and be prepared to comment on trending topics. (Psst, our 2022 key dates Calendar is also available if you’re also thinking about content for January, February, and the next 12 months).

2. Share some gift inspiration

Who doesn’t need some inspiration for Christmas gifts? Tell your audience your best finds for Christmas gifting, and of course, include your own product if you have one. For B2B companies, you can get more specific with your audience by sharing gifts for people who work in your specific industry. Extra tip: this one works well as a Twitter thread!

3. Show off your festive team

Everyone loves a peek at the faces behind the brand. Show your social media audience what your team is up to during this holiday period whether it’s decorating the office, wearing Christmas jumpers, or debating whether it’s too soon to play Christmas music. (It’s never too soon)

4. Caption this!

Take your standard social media post ideas and add a seasonal spin! Pop onto Instagram and post a Christmassy-looking photo asking your audience to provide a fun caption idea. You can do this just for fun, or make it into a competition.

5. Jolly holiday pets

Two things people love to see on social media; things that are easy to participate in, and cute animals. Combine the two by asking your audience to share photos of their pets with a seasonal twist. Because who doesn’t want to see a golden retriever with antlers (I know I do).

6. Start a festive debate

Looking to strike up a conversation or heated debate? Why not use a social media poll to ask people how they feel about re-gifting, whether gift cards are a good present, or whether secret santa is more obligation than fun.

christmas campaign hero

7. The ghosts of Christmas' past

In order to comment on the now, sometimes we have to look to the past. Did anything notable happen on this date in previous years? Now is a good time for a December #ThrowbackThursday, or even a reference to more historical events such as when Rosa Parks was arrested (December 1st, 1955).

8. Festive-themed cocktails

Encouraging people to be more inventive with their beverages around this time of year is a great idea, especially with all of those Christmas parties on the horizon. Why not share your team’s favorite festive drinks and ask your audience for their recommendations too.

9. DIY cards

Everyone loves a hand-made, personal gift or card, so sharing inspiration and tips for make-at-home cards can be a real help to those who want to show their loved ones how much they care.

10. Live holiday quiz

There’s a reason quizzes were all over the place during the pandemic; they’re easy to do virtually and people really love them. Set up a live stream and ask your customers a series of festive questions to test their seasonal knowledge. If it proves to be a popular idea, you can even do more quizzes at other points during the year.

11. Best Christmas activities

For those who want to be doing something seasonal away from their computer screen, provide your audience with suggestions for Christmas activities or even Christmas dates. You can be as specific or broad as you like (smaller local businesses might recommend actual places in the area while other brands might suggest general activities like ice skating or decoration shopping).

12. Costumes!

Holiday parties are often costume parties, especially when animals or children are involved. Give your audience some costume inspiration and share pictures to show some of your suggestions in action. Ask your audience for their ideas as well.

13. Holiday playlist

Get everyone rocking around the Christmas tree with your top seasonal playlist suggestions. You can also create some ‘would you rather’ polls on Instagram Stories to find out which songs your customers prefer listening to.

14. See if your office passes the vibe check

Do you have a small tree in the office or fairy lights and tinsel strewn across your monitors? Show your audience how you’re spreading some Christmas cheer in your office environment.

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15. How to take a break for Christmas

Many people find it hard to switch off and take a break from their jobs. Some workplaces fully shut down for a week or more during this time, other places aren’t so lucky. Share some tips to help your audience unwind and enjoy the season, whether they’re at home or in-between breaks.

16. Festive fashion

What to wear on Christmas day often divides people; some like it glam and others like it cozy. Now is a great time to start a debate with your audience to see their preferences and provide outfit inspiration.

17. Treats and festive foods

Christmas can be a fun time to experiment with some new recipes or baked goods. Inspire your audience to get creative in the kitchen by compiling a list of awesome holiday recipes; think gingerbread, mince pies, star-shaped cookies, etc.

18. Crack a joke

Turn those ‘ho ho’s’ into ‘ha ha’s’ by sharing your top festive jokes on social media. Encourage your audience to do the same and re-share the results as user-generated content.

19. Share your traditions

Everyone who celebrates Christmas has traditions that they love (some more quirky than others). Ask your audience what their Christmas traditions are and pick out the most popular or peculiar ones to share in your social content.

20. Homemade with love

If your audience is struggling to find gifts for their loved ones, it pays to suggest a bit of DIY action. Compile a list of projects your audience can re-create at home ranging in difficulty levels; perfect for the less-than-confident-crafter or the seasoned-seasonal-pro.

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