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Andy's Round-up: Looking back at a massive algorithm change, Facebook's values & the fake news summit

Looking back at a massive algorithm change, Facebook's values & the fake news summit

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Connect ContentCal to thousands of your favorite web apps with our new Zapier integration

ContentCal is now available on Zapier and it's pretty damn fantastic. Connect ContentCal to all of your favorite apps now.

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Seeing What’s On with Country & Town House

Country & Town House first started working with ContentCal in the Spring of 2019 with the intention to refine their social media strategy

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7 Reasons to Integrate User Generated Content in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here's exactly why you should be implementing user generated content into your social media strategy.

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Branded Content: Where entertainment meets advertising

If we were to look for a definition of branded content, we would find out that it’s just content that is openly produced by a particular advertiser.

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How to get the most out of your ContentCal free trial

We're here to walk you through some of ContentCal's most glorious features to ensure you get the most from your trial of our social media manager app

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What we can learn from Marie Kondo about social media marketing

There is so much wisdom in Marie Kondo’s method that it can pretty much be applied to anything, including social media marketing.

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10 ways to get more likes on Instagram

Here are 10 ideas and tactics that can help you to get more likes on Instagram as one of the most important social media platforms

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How to bring your social media strategy to life with character-driven storytelling

Characters have lasting impact because people like them and/or identify with them, and stories don’t need to be flawless masterpieces for that to happen

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5 Ways to use ContentCal's Calendar Notes

Calendar Notes provide a handy area for leaving date-specific information.

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The increasing call for social media regulation: why and how?

It’s been an ongoing discussion for a number of years, but the evidence supporting social media regulation only continues to mount.

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What is influencer marketing and why are people complaining about it?

An influencer can't be defined simply by their large following but by their ability to encourage this following to try new things or understand new perspectives

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