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4 fantastic ways to use ContentCal's Campaign Folders

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
19th February 2019

ContentCal’s Campaign folders are simple storage folders that can be accessed under the ‘Campaigns’ tab from within your Social Media Content Calendar. These were originally created to help with the planning and execution of social media campaigns. But truth be told, they’re so much more.

How do I create a Campaign Folder?

Head to the ‘Campaigns’ tab from within your Calendar and select ‘+ New Campaign’. Select a start date, end date, and then add your text. Your start date and end date will enable a Campaign Ribbon to appear within the Calendar, spanning over the selected dates.

But what can you do with a Campaign Folder?

Plan a social media campaign

Let’s start with the obvious. ContentCal’s campaign folders were originally created so our users could more easily plan and execute their social media campaigns. With a section to enter a brief, these folders provide the perfect place to gather all information relevant to upcoming campaigns, visible to all users of the Calendar.

Leave long-form content

Because Campaign folders include a large space for notes, briefs, and general information, they’re also a great place to create and store more long-form content such as emails or blogs. This use also works well in partnership with ContentCal’s Custom Planning Channels. If you wanted to use ContentCal to plan for blog content, for example, you could create a Custom Planning Channel named ‘Blogs’, and add a post to remind the team to upload a blog on a particular date. When it’s time to upload the blog, it can easily be retrieved from the corresponding Campaign Folder.

Store essential content creation information

Use Campaign Folders to store anything relevant to content creation. Use this space as a place to store your content strategy, a list of frequently used @ handles, a list of websites you use to look for blog and news articles to share on social, etc. Furthermore, as a space that’s accessible to all users of the Calendar, you can easily collaborate on these folders as a team when planning content.

Work with Clients

If you’re an agency working with Clients, ContentCal’s Campaign Folders provide a space for Clients to leave any information they want to be included in their upcoming social content. Instead of Client making these requests via email (or even multiple emails) they can leave this information in Campaigns folders using the start date and end date to define when they want this content to appear in the Calendar.

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