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5 Ideas to fill your Content Calendar with Videos

Blog Post Author – Maria
4th May 2020

Over the past decade, content marketing has taken over the digital landscape and made a massive impact on the way brands and consumers interact.

More and more businesses, influencers, and bloggers are using content creation and social media marketing at the core of their daily marketing activities. And more often than ever, this is video content.

To stand out among content creators, you need to be active on several social channels and give your audience relevant content on a regular basis.

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Putting together a content calendar is a great way to build on your online presence. However, coming up with new and creative ideas when filling the content marketing calendar can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to video content.

That’s why we’ve decided to come up with this list of five sources of ideas to fill in your content marketing calendar with video content. Let’s jump right in!

First Thing’s First - Why You Need a Content Calendar

Building a content calendar is not easy, and you may think that producing video content one piece at a time is less demanding than planning ahead. So, is it really worth the effort?

The answer is yes. Here’s why:

A calendar helps to keep your content consistent and organized

Consistency is the key component to successful content marketing and having a planned social media calendar is key. The frequency of the content you post matters almost as much as its quality. Planning out your video content in advance is a reliable way to keep your audience engaged, even when you’re lacking inspiration or time.


A calendar frees up your time to create content

Communication takes time, which you probably don’t have enough of. Instead, there’s a constant need to come up with new content ideas and post to social media platforms. A content calendar can help with that, giving you time to interact with your audience.

A calendar helps you keep track of what you’ve posted - where

Our memory isn’t always as reliable and accurate as we’d like it to be. Without a well-structured content calendar, it’s almost impossible to keep track of every content piece you make, making you social media marketing plan hard to get right.

5 Sources of Ideas to Fill in a Content Calendar with Videos

Repurpose your old content

It’s difficult to come up with something original every week. And chances are, you’ve already got lots of written content. To breathe new life into these ideas, you can repurpose them into videos This helps you fill your content calendar or calendar schedule template with content that’s even easier for your audience to consume.

Here are a few ideas for types of content you can easily repurpose into videos:

  • Blog posts
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Podcasts
  • How-to articles and guides
  • Original research
  • Collections of statistics and infographics

When planning to repurpose a certain content piece, make sure that what you’re trying to say is still useful and relevant.

You’re looking for evergreen content - content that’s not time-bound or tied to a particular event and provides ongoing value to your audience. It’s also a good idea to give content pieces that didn’t get as much attention as you’d like another chance.

Dig up ideas from a social calendar

Social calendars with daily listings of holidays and observances are a great source of getting content inspiration and ideas.

For instance, Wave’s Social Calendar is packed with original content ideas for every day of the year. It collects celebrations, trending hashtags, national days, and events from all other the globe and accompanies them with content tips and beautiful video templates.

wave's social calendar screenshot

There are also helpful websites such as Checkiday, National Day Calendar, and Days of the Year that provide information about daily holidays and celebrations.

Look into your data

When you’re filling your content calendar with videos, it is important to make sure that your efforts won’t be in vain. Looking into the engagement of your previous posts, either through your content calendar tool, social media calendar template or with a spreadsheet, gives valuable insights into your audience’s preferences.

It’s also important to let the numbers speak for themselves. Analyze your past content and draw conclusions on what works best for your audience. You’ll want to do more of what’s working and less of what doesn’t work.

To stay timely and relevant, content makers and brands need to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

To investigate what is trending in your industry right now, use a tool like Google Trends. Google’s Trends tool analyzes the popularity of top Google Search queries across various regions and languages.

With Trends, you can adjust the search to your target audience and compare the relative search volumes between two or more terms. With that information in hand, coming up with topics for your video content becomes much easier, this is key for your social media plan.

google trends screenshot

Ask your audience

Nobody knows your audience better than... your audience themselves!

It never hurts to directly ask your customers what kind of videos they would be interested in seeing on your social media platforms. In the end, it’s a win-win situation: you collect ideas for future videos, get more engagement, and your viewers receive relevant content that helps you solve their problems.

You can reach out to your audience in a variety of ways: send a survey in a newsletter, organize customer interviews, add a website pop up, or create a poll on social media.

wave social media poll

Here are a few examples of questions to ask:

  • What kind of video content would you prefer to see on our page: educational or entertaining?
  • Which topics are the most relevant to you and your business?
  • What are your pain points and how can our videos help solve them?

Helpful Tools to Use

Create and host videos with

Producing great videos is not enough - you also need to bring them into life, and that’s where comes in handy. This video marketing tool allows you to create, host, and share thumb-stopping videos. And there are no professional designing skills required!

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By Maria Rozhdestvenskaya, Content Marketing Manager at is a video marketing platform that combines an online editing toolkit, cloud-based video hosting, and landing page builder in one place.

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