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5 ‘Must-have’ Content Marketing tools for 2022

As content marketers, we’re always on the lookout for the best tools to help us do our jobs more efficiently. Here's 5 tools we'd recommend.

Blog Post Author – Andy
4th November 2021

As content marketers, we’re always on the lookout for the best tools to help us do our (increasingly complex) jobs more efficiently.

The good news is that whilst the demand for creativity has never been higher, and the definition of content has never been broader -  the quality of tools that help deliver high quality strategies and outputs has never been better.

The 5 tools I’m recommending below have all been tested by ContentCal, and each one contributes something different to each stage of your marketing workflow.

Let’s start with social listening.


Any content marketing strategy should start with an analysis of your market. Historically, social listening tools have been reserved for large brands and PR agencies due to their cost and complexity, but we are starting to see a shift as these kinds of tools become increasingly accessible for smaller businesses too - making fascinating market insights available to everyone!

My favourite of the more accessible tools is Mentionlytics - which covers two areas of important area:

Share of Voice

Share of voice is the volume of mentions your brand gets across the web (including social, review sites and blogs etc.) in comparison to your competition. It is one of the most important content metrics to consider before setting your content strategy.

Share of voice helps you understand the size of the market you operate in, your growth potential and how you stack up against your competition. It also provides an excellent benchmark to check every quarter to see if you’ve managed to grow your market voice share, or if another competitor has come along and tried to claim what should be yours!

content marketing tools 1

Top mentioners

Mentionlytics also provides insight into who is  driving your mentions across all channels, highlighting who you should reach out to or consider collaborating with to co-create content and further improve your share of voice.

Content marketing tools 2

Once you have the market understanding that share of voice tools provide, you can really get inside your potential customers’ minds and learn what trends, themes and topics they are interested in.

Keyword Strategy Tool

The Keyword Strategy Tool shows what your target audience is searching for on Google and Youtube - two primary channels people use for brand research.

The tool allows you to test a range of search terms related to your category, by entering them in the search bar.

content marketing tools 3

From the list of keywords you find, you can work out what questions people are asking by adding question prepositions like ‘how’, ‘when, ‘what’ and ‘why’ etc.

content marketing tools 4

From the list of questions you create, you can look at the volume of searches behind each question, which will establish a list of content you need to create to appeal to your customer base. The list of content needs can be easily prioritized inline with the search volumes for each topic.

content marketing tools 5

This content list is pretty much equivalent  to a years’ worth of content ideas! Not bad for a free tool and an hour's work.

This research and bank of ideas is a great way to let your creativity shine, while staying close to the topics your audience cares about.


Kamua is a new tool on the market that has totally blown me away!

Kamua is quite frankly the most impressive video editing software I’ve seen. It enables you to automatically edit videos for social and easily preview what your video will look like on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

It even uses AI to automatically cut down longer videos by focusing its edits on the key points of the video,  providing multiple short-form cuts, ideal for social. It also includes automated transcription too.

If you create a lot of video and are not a pro level video editor, this tool will change your life.

content marketing tools 6

Kamua links nicely with the 4th tool I’m recommending:


Descript describe themselves as ‘all-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as editing a doc.’

It’s another fantastic application of AI, enabling you to automatically transcribe video and audio files and - here’s the ridiculously cool bit - you only need to edit the text for that change to be made on the video or audio file. No. More. Retakes. Honestly, as someone who creates a lot of video, this is game changing. They’ve also got one of the best product demo videos I’ve ever seen.

content marketing tools 7

Onto the final tool, and I’ve obviously saved the best till last!


ContentCal is really where the magic happens. It’s an easy to use, all in one content and social marketing platform, where you can plan, create, collaborate and publish all of your content. Direct integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My business make ContentCal the best social media assistant you ever had. Its inbuilt analytics will even show you how well your content is performing across all of your channels and against your competitors.

Collaboration is really simple with ContentCal’s Contribution forms that allow you to source new ideas from all across your business and customer base, and then when content is ready to publish or discuss, customisable workflows and approvals make it quick and easy for you to collect feedback and sign off from within the platform.

ContentCal’s Content Hub is the perfect central location for you to store and categorize all of your content, along with ideas and inspiration that you can collect from anywhere online (with ContentCal’s web clipper) to come back to later.

You can set up an individual planning channel for every type of content you produce from events and emails, to social posts and blogs and then use the Articles feature to draft out and publish your long form content too.

Most importantly, we don’t just support your content - we support you as a marketing professional with ongoing complementary courses, downloads and events.

Coming soon...

ContentCal IQ is a product that is shortly to join the ContentCal product suite. It’s an AI and Machine Learning based product designed to speed up and simplify  content creation. It also makes content creation accessible to everyone - even those who insist they have trouble stringing a sentence together. (Personally I believe everyone has the ability to be a writer - and this tool makes that a reality)

ContentCal IQ is all about text-based content and provides support in two main areas:

  1. Content creation, by automatically generating copy

By adding a few chosen key words or phrases to an input box, selecting the persona you are writing for and the demographics of the audience - the AI engine will automatically create a post. You can even decide if you want this to be a tweet, a sentence or a paragraph. You can also ask the tool to find royalty-free images and hashtags to support the post.

Once the content is created - it’s uniquely yours! You own it, you can edit it and you can use it as you wish. It will never be recreated for someone else.

  1. Content repurposing, by creating new versions of your existing content

Rewriting content for other platforms and purposes is a huge part of the content marketing life. ContentCal IQ, can take care of that for you. Once you copy and paste in the content you want to repurpose, or upload a document containing that content - ContentCal IQ creates a series of content that can be used as social posts or emails snippets, including the key messaging and themes of the original content.

You can find out more (here)

2022 is set to be a year of change and development for all social and content channels. With platforms competing for the creator market and offering more monetisation tools than ever before, feature updates and platform changes will be coming at us thicker and faster than we can imagine.

Having the right marketing tech stack in place, filled with tools design to save you time, improve efficiencies and help you stand out from competition is the best preparation any of us can make.

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