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5 ways to personalize ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
16th July 2020

With ContentCal’s personalisation features you can tailor ContentCal to fit your brand, look more professional to clients, and be more welcoming for your team.

Introducing... how to personalize your ContentCal account

 1) Custom header colours

Whether you’re looking to make things on-brand for your business, or want to make clients feel more at home, changing the header colour within each Calendar can be a nice touch. Simply head into ‘Setup’ from within your Content Calendar, and then scroll down to choose your ‘Custom Navigation Colour’.

2) Custom date format

Not a fan of the 24 hour clock? Not a problem. From the Dashboard, select your avatar at the top right, and choose ‘Profile’. From here, choose your desired date format. You can view ContentCal in 24 or 12 hour clock, choose how dates are displayed, and select which day to start your week. Building a social business with the right time zones is key.

3) Add avatar images

Keep ContentCal visual and organised by adding avatar images. Add an avatar image to your user by heading to ‘Profile’ (select your initials in the top right of ContentCal) and then upload an image of your choice. To set an avatar for your Organisation (perhaps your company logo), head to the Dashboard and select the ‘...’ option beside the button for ‘Manage People’. Add an avatar image within the Organization Profile.

4) Use emojis

Planning social is key so why not plan in an emoji here and there. Add emojis to your Organization name, or Calendar name to make them more unique. To edit your Calendar name, head to the Dashboard and select the ‘...’ option on your Calendar. To edit your Organization name, head to the ‘...’ option beside the button for ‘Manage People’ and choose ‘Organization Profile’. personalise ContentCal 1

5) Choose your favourites

If you have access to a high number of Calendars, you can separate your most frequently used Calendars from the rest of the bunch. From the Dashboard, select the star icon on each individual Calendar for it to be pinned to the top of your Dashboard. There you have it social media marketing made simple.  

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