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5 Ways to use ContentCal's Pinboard

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
13th November 2018
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Oh Pinboard, thank you for keeping our notes and ideas safe and handy.

What is the Pinboard? A storage area at the side of your Content Calendar. How do you add to the Pinboard? You can drag and drop content from Pinboard to Calendar and visa versa. What can you use it for? Well...

How to get the most out of ContentCal's Pinboard

Storing useful information

Are you often flicking between tabs and searching for extra information? Say no more. Add useful links, commonly used handles, and anything else you need, to your trusty Pinboard on the left of the Calendar. You can drag posts from the Pinboard to the Content Calendar and transform this into content, or use the Pinboard information to guide your content creation.

Giving reminders

Had a brilliant brainwave and just need to get it down on paper (and by paper we mean ContentCal), right away? Create a Pinboard post and jot down your ideas as and when they hit. When you come to create the next batch of content, your ideas will be waiting for your return, conveniently pinned to the side of your Calendar.

Saving content for later

Sometimes you get a great idea. And sometimes you get several great ideas at once. There’s no reason to blast them all out at once, so save some for later by moving them to the Pinboard. When it’s time for them to shine, simply drag them back onto the Calendar and schedule for a future time and date. Pinboard 65

Drop notes for your team

Want your team to include something specific in the upcoming content? Leave your briefs (complete with assets) in the Pinboard, ready for your team to find the next time they login. Cut down on communication time, and keep things visible to everyone working on the Calendar.

Leave inspiration

Seen something recently that got your creative juices flowing? Why not add this to your Pinboard in ContentCal? Storing these bits in the Pinboard will keep you inspired while you create your content.  

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