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5 ways to use our Notebook feature

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
22nd October 2019
ContentCal Notebook hero

Notebook is a space for storing notes, ideas, and information on a Calendar-wide basis.

Kept at the top of your Content Calendar, everyone on your team can view and edit Notebook. You can even invite clients to edit, if you like.

 Collaborate with Clients

ContentCal Notebook gif If you’re an agency that works with clients, you’ll often find a big chunk of your day is taken up by long and complicated email threads and a lot of back-and-forth.

We wanted to  put an end to all that fuss.

With Notebook, your clients can make a note of everything they want in their upcoming social content and drop it into the Notebook to share with their team.

If they have any feedback about  the last batch of content, they can also leave it here.  

 Store useful info (like @ mentions)

ContentCal gif 3 When you’re writing social content, do you keep having to flick back and forth between ContentCal and Twitter to check the @ handlest?

Save a heap of time by adding all your favorite @ handles to the Notebook, safely stowed away  for whenever you need them.

You can also use this area to form a list of accounts you’re looking to engage with more in the coming weeks to really keep your content writing focused.  

Put your social media strategy in stone

ContentCal gif 4

Notebook is a great place to store your social media strategy.

This makes it the perfect reference for any content creators who want to keep their eye on longer-term objectives.

Do you use ContentCal Social Media Analytics to see which content themes are performing the best?

It’s probably a good idea to have your strategy close at hand to make notes and amendments for better results.  

Add your goals

ContentCal gif 5 Keeping your targets and goals close at hand can be an amazing motivator.

Use Notebook to outline your goals for the next month (be sure to make them realistic), and regularly check in on your performance against these metrics so see how you’re progressing.  

 Create your to-do list

ContentCal gif 6 Sometimes, content creation isn’t a smooth ride from start to finish.

You could be waiting on a graphic, a discount code, or a final piece of news (such as the results of a football match.

Make sure all these loose ends get tied up by leaving a to-do list within Notebook. Once complete, just strike through the text.

Remember, Notebook is shared with your team, so you can use it to collect team actions at the end of a meeting.

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