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9 New Year's Resolutions to Make for Your Social Media Marketing

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
10th January 2017
social media marketing resolutions

Welcome back! Today we are talking about New Year’s resolutions: over the Christmas period you've probably been thinking about yours and what you would like to achieve by *gulp* 2018:

  • Read ‘The Kite Runner.'
  • Call Mum more
  • Visit that Piano Bar near Kings Cross

But, while your personal life got organised and ambitious, your social-media-manager-life was likely left to wonder, “WHAT ABOUT ME? Social media is one of the world’s fastest moving industries, and you need to stay ahead! Where are my resolutions, Harry!?”

Luckily, we thought they might say that.

So, here are 9 of pre-made resolutions (you can steal) for your Social Media Marketing in 2017.  

#1 In 2017 I will actually read the newsletters that I sign up to.

    While signing up to newsletters can be an easy way to stay ahead with industry news, post-sign up most of them just end up congesting your inbox. 2017 is the year to have an insightful 15 minute read every morning - perhaps even after the gym that you, erm...attend now!  

#2 In 2017 I will get the most out of my content

    Reusing your content isn’t a crime (especially when the life-span of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes but reusing naff content is! Develop a content calendar plan and make a habit out of updating, reformatting and optimising your old content this year.  

#3 In 2017 I will treat organic and paid equally

    You are in 'The Titanic': organic visibility is Jack and you are Rose, holding onto him in icy waters trying not to let him go. You even yell, “I’LL NEVER LET GO JACK” (and you shouldn’t) because a speedboat called ‘paid advertising’ is here, and the best social media managers will pull their quality organic content onto it in 2017.  

#4 In 2017 I will collect my ideas

    Quotes, inspiration and knowledge are thrown at us all day, everyday, everywhere. Grab your 2017 diary and dedicate a page to ‘content ideas’, it will save the stress of collating these in your extremely precious writing time.  

#5 In 2017 I will GO LIVE

    The idea of every-single-one of your followers getting an alert that you or your brand is LIVE may fill you with fear but, as Instagram is exploring its own live feature, real-time engagement isn't just something social media marketers need to get used to this year, but absolutely dominate.  

#6 In 2017 I will stop thinking about my channels all the time.

    It’s easy to manage your social channels 24/7 but, being vibrant at work requires the ability to turn off in your spare time. 2017 = no more laying awake wondering if you added the correct custom targeting to THAT post.  

#7 In 2017 I will finally learn ___

    Learning new skills in social media marketing is a constant demand of the job, on top of this social media management requires such an infinite amount of skills that there’s always an area for improvement. Use 2017 to heal your Achilles heel, be it SEO basics, Adobe Suite, or even just grammar!  

#8 In 2017 I will start keeping up with pop culture

    While, this may bash heads with your personal resolutions, indulging in trashy magazines and keeping an eye over general pop culture WILL help your social media marketing, and help you create tasty reactive marketing like this...  

#9 In 2017 I will post on my personal channels more.

    Though you may be confident working behind the face of a brand, it’s easy to cringe at the idea of self-promotion! Unfortunately, in the social media industry your personal influence online has a lot of weight, so regularly posting on your blog or compiling your online portfolio this year is something 2020 you will seriously thank you for!

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