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Andy's Round-up: Looking back at a massive algorithm change, Facebook's values & the fake news summit

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
2nd September 2019
Andy's round up hero

🤔 What happened?: One comment EA made on Reddit back in 2017 received a whopping 683,000 downvotes & earned a World Record

💡 My take. People hate it when brands spoon on over-formality & false gratitude when they speak to customers. And that's exactly what EA did when they said they appreciated 'the passion the community has put forth'. Also, Reddit is a tough crowd. Maybe find a safer channel, like Facebook or even Twitter, to respond to customer complaints.  

🤔 What happened? A 'Trusted News Summit' of publishers and tech firms including Google, Twitter, have put together plans to tackle fake news.

💡 My take. Although the early warning system & media education programmes proposed at the summit are a step in the right direction, any resolution needs to be underpinned by law for social media platforms to be held accountable. The industry depends on the trustworthiness of content, and the persistence of fake news is still the biggest threat to social media.  

🤔 What happened? Facebook released a "guidepost for what is and isn't allowed on Facebook"

💡 My take. Values are always pretty woolly, but it's good to see what Facebook stands for, because - what does Facebook stand for? Hopefully these don't get forgotten about. I'll certainly be calling out instances when Facebook errs from the righteous path.  

🤔 What happened? Basic coding knowledge allows you to grab and share private photos and videos

💡 My take. Well, this isn't very good, is it? Most worryingly, Facebook claims that sharing the not-actually-private url is the same as sending a screenshot. It's clearly not, being able to access the actual url makes it appear as though the user intended for the content to be seen. Just fix it!  

🤔 What happened? Twitter lets you drag-and-drop images when you add more than one to a post.

💡 My take. More time saved! It seems small, but take this feature from me in three months' time and I guarantee that I'll be so frustrated.  

🤔 What happened? Twitter has helped users more boldly follow users & see relevant tweets over the past couple of years.

💡 My take. I like this change, and it's been good for business too. Twitter's business has recovered from is slump in 2016. Plus, giving users the option to switch back to the retro timeline helps satisfy the old-school users, while new users are given a better overall experience.  

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