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Andy's Round-up: Snapchat looks at Facebook's notes, Facebook goes into local journalism & how significant is 10%?

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
23rd September 2019
Andy's Round up grey

🤔 What happened?: Facebook's ad approval algorithm is tone deaf to body positivity promoters

💡 My take. Facebook's policy is generally sound, but its anti-predatory ad tech needs to get smarter about what does & doesn't make the cut. Users should be given the option to flag instances where the approval process fall short  

🤔 What happened?: Snapchat might launch a news tab

💡 My take. Aha! After years of Facebook borrowing & one-upping Snapchat features with Instagram, the shoe might soon be on the other foot. Facebook has already approached media companies about licensing its own content, and Snapchat could follow suit. Instagram & Snapchat

🤔 What happened?: Researchers identify the behaviour patterns of cyberbullies on Twitter with 90% accuracy

💡 My take. 90% accuracy is pretty impressive, but on the other hand, 10% of the time the algorithm will be wrong. That'll cause a lot of frustration for users, and the manual case work will pile up on Twitter's desk.  

🤔 What happened?: You can now take some skills assessments tests on Linkedin to earn badges

💡 My take. This is pretty smart. Candidates don't have to come in for a tech skills test, and employers can cut their time-to-hire.  

🤔 What happened?: Facebook launches its local news section in 6,000 US cities and towns

💡 My take. Over the past years, local news outlets have relied on social media for driving traffic to their sites. A dedicated place for this news within the app seems like the natural step forward, and should benefit the publishers too.

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