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Andy's Round-Up: Audio Tweets available on iOS, Insta tests shopping tag in captions

Blog Post Author – Andy
23rd June 2020

LinkedIn expands roll-out of LinkedIn Stories

🤔 What happened?

Following on from its initial launch of LinkedIn Stories in Brazil, the Netherlands and the UAE, LinkedIn users in Australia can now also access the new, vertically-aligned, temporary status update option.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has gone through a bit of a cosmetic refresh which I'm sure you've all seen but there's also a new functionality to 'send' posts within LinkedIn. You've always had the ability to share posts but sending them allows you to target that post to certain individuals. That's rolling out for everyone at the moment.

Also, LinkedIn Stories is just around the corner. It's been testing in Australia and you'll see lots of functionality related to Stories in the backend of your settings on LinkedIn already which tells us that its release really is imminent. Now is the time for us to start thinking about the type of content you want to be putting out on our Stories because you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment they launch it the algorithm is going to be favoring Story orientated content.

Audio Tweets now available for iOS users

🤔 What happened?

Twitter is debuting a new feature that lets iOS users record audio snippets up to 140 seconds, and share them as audio tweets.

💡 My take

Twitter has rolled out Audio-only tweets. This is interesting because there's a bit of a trend in audio-first type content recently like the Facebook CatchUp app, as well as with the rise of Podcasting. As we all know, audio-first content seems to be gathering a bit of momentum right now and it's also a pretty interesting trend because not everyone has the ability to view content in the same way. If someone is hard of sight then audio-first content is great. Making content more accessible is a thing where we, as an industry in content marketing, are a bit behind. Therefore, I think the audio-only tweets are a really interesting development and I'm fascinated to see how this grows and evolves over time.

Messenger Rooms now available on Portal

🤔 What happened?

Facebook has announced the addition of Messenger Rooms and several other new useful features on its Portal smart display.

💡 My take

There are two updates from Facebook this week. The first update is about the Facebook Portal, which is their video conferencing home device. This hasn't really taken off thus far but we are now just starting to see some momentum around this. One thing that's really going to drive this momentum is that Facebook Messenger Rooms, which is its Zoom competitor, is now available for the Portal. I wouldn't usually talk about this in a Round-Up like this because our Round-Up generally focuses on business and social media, but I think it's an interesting point for discussion as it's available for Facebook Pages and Groups.

If you are a home chef, for example, and you want to monetize your content; perhaps you're going to show your audience how to bake a loaf of bread, for example. You can now Live Stream your tutorial using your Facebook Portal device to a Facebook messenger Room. This means that could charge for 50 people to be there and have an audience with you and monetize that content. As a result, this really removed the limitation of just being able to go live or do a stream or run a Messenger Room from your phone or your laptop because you can now use a portal device too. I think this new update is going to open up so many more possibilities for content.

Facebook makes 'Collections' publicly sharable

🤔 What happened?

Facebook's looking to expand Collections even further, with a new test of an option to share your saved Collections publicly, and enable friends to follow your lists.

💡 My take

Facebook is improving its 'Collections' tab. Your Collections tab is essentially your way to make lists so sticking with the bread-making example from earlier, you could have list of ingredients to make the perfect loaf, so you can use your Collections tab to create this list and share it with your followers. This allows you to compile and share content that's of real value with your audience. This is just rolling out now, but I think it's a really nice content format.

Instagram tests shopping tags in post captions

🤔 What happened?

As Instagram looks to make eCommerce more of an emphasis, it's testing a range of new, in-stream shopping tools, including Shops and the expansion of shopping tags.

💡 My take

Moving onto Instagram, they're testing some shoppable links within the main caption of Instagram posts. We've already had shoppable links within the post itself, so if someone is applying some lipstick in a post, their audience can now easily find and shop that particular brand of lipstick. However, in the caption of the post, the creator will also be able to put links to those specific products as well. This really doubles down on the e-commerce area of social media which really very seen evolving in the last few months. This is currently being tested in the US at the moment but lots more to come I'm sure.

Youtube to introduce a new shoppable ad format

🤔 What happened?

YouTube announced the launch of a new direct response ad format that will make YouTube video ads more 'shoppable' and drive traffic directly to brands’ product pages.

💡 My take

Our final update is with Youtube and is sticking with the e-commerce theme as they've just launched a new advertising format that has shoppable links within the ad format. I'm sure you're all familiar with the pre-roll ads on Youtube where you can watch a 30-second ad from ad advertiser and you can click through to that advertiser. The evolution of this ad format means that for advertised products, say there is a list of makeup, for example, we can now click through to anything of interest and be taken directly through to that product page.

So, there's lots happening around e-commerce and lots about doubling down on being able to monetize products directly through social content and we're really going to see that gather some serious momentum over the upcoming months and for the rest of this year. The whole world of commerce has really been turned on its head as of late ad social media is going to be incredibly powerful for this and I'm super excited to see all of the developments that are happening in this area.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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