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Andy’s Round-Up: Bitmoji TV is coming, Brand Collabs Manager opens up to Instagram Creators

Blog Post Author – Andy
6th January 2020

Snapchat Announces 'Bitmoji TV'

🤔 What happened?

Snapchat's coming 'Bitmoji TV' will feature your Bitmoji character in an animated series.

💡 My take

It'll be really interesting to see how this develops as Snapchat creates an animated series of content with your own face as an emoji. Snapchat's 'Discover' channels have become really popular as of late, reaching hundreds of people. As a result, Snapchat's own produced content is functioning as a great new way in which they are differentiating the market. This could also be great for business to keep an eye on and potentially get involved with in the future.

Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager Opens Up To Some Instagram Creators

🤔 What happened?

Instagram has updated its branded content policies which means that Facebook's Brand Collabs manager is now open to a 'select group of Instagram creators'.

💡 My take

This update is a really important one. The Brand Collabs Manager will allow brands to look at influencers that can help drive their business forward. Typically and previously, influencers had to take a screenshot of their analytics to prove their engagement growth metrics. However, now with the Brand Collabs Manager, there's now a portal for you to use as a brand to see which influencers will work well for you. It's really very interesting, especially as it's going to be quite a bitter pill to swallow for the people involved in the influencer industry from a software perspective.

Facebook have said that it's not going to impact these businesses as they're not going to make any changes to the Graph API, which those influencer software marketplaces use. However, this does kind of democratise and allow many more businesses to access influencer marketing, which is great for adding more transparency in this market.

WhatsApp Introduces Catalogs For Small Businesses

🤔 What happened?

WhatsApp is bringing catalogs to the WhatsApp Business app to make it easier for users to find out about products and services.

💡 My take

There's two massive updates from WhatsApp which is interesting as they're typically fairly quiet from a social perspective.

First of all, they've announced Catalogs for small businesses. Many businesses use WhatsApp as a way for customers to contact them. However, what's always been challenging is that customers have never had a simple way for them to look at the products that a company offers. The new Catalog feature is basically a storefront for businesses so it's a great way for WhatsApp to not just be a customer service channel, but also become more of a commerce channel as well. That's going to develop much more into 2020 so expect WhatsApp to be really significant.

The second big update from WhatsApp (bonus update from us), is that they are now launching advertising on the platform which is a huge opportunity. Certainly I would encourage anyone that is looking at expanding their advertising inventory or looking to explore a different channel to look at WhatsApp. When social media channels like WhatsApp or Instagram or Snapchat roll out new advertising opportunities they typically promote that quite heavily in the early phases so this is somethingto jump on early on this year.

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