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Andy's Round-Up: Facebook invests in Jio and LinkedIn reintroduces Polls

Blog Post Author – Andy
28th April 2020

Facebook invests $5.7 billion in Jio

🤔 What happened?

Facebook is taking a $5.7 billion stake into Jio Platforms, the Indian Internet giant, which could birth the next WeChat-style ‘Super-App.’

💡 My take

Facebook has announced a $5.7 billion investment in Jio Platforms which is an Indian-based internet giant. In fact, they're so big that the $5.7 billion investment only nets them a 10% stake in the business. Jio Platforms, much like WeChat in China, has become the way of facilitating commerce within India as they have a massive small business initiative. Let's think about the fact that WhatsApp has 400 million active users on their platform in India. That makes India one of the most densely populated areas of usage for WhatsApp. WhatsApp is so ingrained into a typical Indian's way of life, in the way that they interact and deal with businesses, that a partnership between Jio Platforms and WhatsApp seems to make a lot of sense. Think of WhatsApp and Jio combined as a sort of 'super app' like WeChat. WeChat in China is used to chat with your friends, interact with businesses, and buy products along with many other things. I think it's going to be very interesting to watch how WhatsApp turns into a central business communication tool and a commerce tool because this could represent a new model for how WhatsApp can be central to how a business can conduct its commerce.

Facebook kills Zoom with Messenger Rooms

🤔 What happened?

Messenger Rooms allows up to 50 users to start a video hangout with no time limit. And you don’t even need a Facebook account to join.

💡 My take

Mark Zuckerberg, unhappy with another company having the limelight for five minutes (as Zoom seems to have done during this COVID-19 pandemic) has launched a Zoom competitor and called it 'Messenger Rooms'. We saw previously from a round-up a couple of weeks ago that Facebook had announced you could do video calling through Messenger and now all of a sudden you can have up to 50 participants for free with no time restrictions so that's a direct attack on Zoom. In the press release, they also announced that fact that Messenger Rooms is very secure and private which appears to be another jab at Zoom. Joking aside though, the fact that it's very useful to help us interact and to maintain that closeness with our friends/family without being restricted to the 40-minute timeout window that we get on Zoom is great. However, from a business perspective, this is also really powerful because now if you think about the Facebook Suite of video products - we've got snackable content through Stories, the ability to publish videos and organize videos in Youtube-style with categories and episodes (another recent release), the ability to go live as well as repurpose those videos on Instagram and Instagram TV, and now we also have the ability to have a live webinar type of situation as well. From a business perspective, there is a whole suite of video tools from snackable content to pre-recorded, organized, archived content, to your more facilitated business interactions in a typical webinar style. As much as I sometimes criticize them, all credit goes to Facebook for all of the tools they have released over this six week or so period.

LinkedIn reintroduces Polls

🤔 What happened?

For the last month or so, LinkedIn has been rolling out a new Polls feature to its members. The feature lets them engage with other members by asking their opinion on a range of topics.

💡 My take

LinkedIn are reintroducing Polls, and that's being slowly rolled out. It's a great feature for gaining feedback from your audience. As with anything that gets recently rolled out on any platform (but especially LinkedIn with it's current organic reach) it's really important that if it's right for you, to get on it as soon as you can because the ones issuing polls initially will be the ones that will gain significant traffic. This is because the algorithms will likely weight the latest features to give it the biggest push. I don't personally have the Polls feature enabled on my LinkedIn account but it is apparently rolling out for everyone. Feel free to go check it out and let me know what you find.

Twitter tests new way to display retweets with comments

🤔 What happened?

The platform is currently testing a new display format for retweets, which would incorporate both retweets and retweets with comments into a single, overall retweet count.

💡 My take

Twitter is announcing a way to recalculate when you get a retweet with a comment. At the moment, if you retweet with a comment, that gets counted as a separate tweet and wouldn't be amalgamated into the analytics of that particular tweet, because it's essentially classed as a new one. Twitter are testing a way to make that not the case and I think from an analytical perspective, and understanding the reach and engagement of our content, that's always been a bit of a black hole. So now we're going to be able to see that in our Twitter accounts. This is currently being tested and there's no release date for this yet but I think it's an interesting upcoming feature to know about.

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