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Andy's Round-Up: Facebook Shop is here + the TikTok bidding war continues

Blog Post Author – Andy
1st September 2020

Facebook introduces Facebook Shop

🤔 What happened?

Facebook Shop is a new in-app shopping experience where users can browse products from their favorite brands and creators.

💡 My take

Firstly Facebook is rolling out some updates to the mobile app, particularly around the shopping functionality. Most of you already know about Facebook Shop, but there's now some upgraded functionality in the mobile app allowing sellers to customize certain collections so people can shop groups of items. There's also some extra creative functionality to really bring shops to life. I'm massively excited about this functionality as it's going to offer loads of opportunity, not just to US users, but to users across the world by the end of the year.

You’ll soon be able to buy products directly on Instagram

🤔 What happened?

Instagram said all sellers in the United States will be able to use the Instagram checkout feature “in the coming weeks,” managed either through Facebook’s Commerce Manager or through partners platforms BigCommerce and Shopify (with more integrations planned).

💡 My take

In a similar vein, Instagram has made updates to their shopping experience. Soon, you will be able to buy products using Instagram's checkout functionality. Shopping products on Instagram has been available for a while, allowing you to link to products and be taken to a different page to purchase those products, but now they are bringing the ability to purchase products directly into Instagram. I think it's a fantastic update and it's really going to remove some barriers and enable e-commerce. Lots of you will have heard me talk before about how I think Instagram is going to become an e-commerce-first app in time. And I think it's really going to rival Amazon so I'm excited to see how that develops.

Shopping comes to Instagram Live

🤔 What happened?

The company has been testing a live shopping experience, where businesses can show off products in a live video, while consumers can browse the highlighted products and make purchases

💡 My take

Instagram is rolling out e-commerce functionality to Instagram live. So if you're doing an Instagram live talk about a certain product, you'll be able to buy this product directly through the Instagram Live stream, perfectly bridging content and commerce.

Why Oracle and Microsoft want in on the TikTok sale

🤔 What happened?

As enterprise technology companies, Oracle and Microsoft may seem like unlikely candidates to take over TikTok, a social media platform most popular among Gen Zers — but here's how their existing enterprise operations could factor in to the acquisition attempt

💡 My take

Finally, the TikTok debacle continues. With Microsoft and Walmart getting involved, it will be interesting to see what Walmart does with TikTok what would happen with other B2C competitors and people advertising on TikTok. But for now, Oracle is leading the bidding race, so it's a fascinating time for TikTok. I would definitely advise against investing too much in TikTok at the moment because there's a lot still to net out and the direction of TikTok will be very different depending on who purchases it.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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