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Andy's Round-up: Andy's Round-Up: Instagram tests sharing live streams to IGTV, Reddit adds 'Trending Takeover' ad unit

Blog Post Author – Andy
19th March 2020

🤔 What happened?

Advertisers on Reddit can now buy Trending Takeover ad units, the platform’s first ad type that appears in the trending section of Reddit’s Popular tab and Search dropdown.

💡 My take

I still find it curious how Reddit is one of the top four performing sites across the web, but it still kinda falls out of the attention of social media managers. That being said, within Reddit, they are now testing a new ad uni which allows people to take over the Explore tab. Reddit's main use case is around the exploration and surfacing of trending and interesting content so being able to place an ad there for 24 hours could really open up a new channel of growth. This is a really interesting one to explore if you want more eyes on your content.

🤔 What happened?

After testing its Explore tab on mobile, YouTube is now replacing it’s Trending tab on both Android and iOS and will be featuring more content categories.

💡 My take

Youtube are announcing a new Explore tab which allows people to surface the content which is the most relevant to them in the shortest time possible. Let's think about Netflix here; when you go onto Netflix you're presented with lots of categories such as crime, drama, british comedy, etc. based on your viewing habits. Youtube are going to do the same so you can look at streams of content related to gaming or entertainment, news, etc. So in a very similar way to Netflix, people can head down a rabbit hole of content so they can spend more time on the platform.

There really is a war for attention between all platforms whether it be Spotify or Facebook or Netflix. Their sole focus is making sure that you're spending as much time as possible on their platform. Youtube's shift to the Explore tab means that they're going to encourage people to really go deep into the content they're providing.

Facebook Stories tests cross-posting to Instagram

🤔 What happened?

While you've been able to cross-post your Instagram Story to Facebook for some time, you haven't had the option to do the opposite, and post your Facebook Story direct to Insta.

💡 My take

Facebook is testing the ability to cross-post Stories from Facebook to Instagram. It's well-known that Facebook Stories never really took off in the same way that they did for Instagram, or for Snapchat Stories before that. It's been possible for a few years now to post Instagram Stories to Facebook, but Facebook is the mothership and you can see it consuming Instagram more and more as time goes on so this update isn't too surprising.

This update is going to be a great time-saver for creators but it also prioritizes story creation on Facebook a little more than has been done historically. It might just be my opinion, but I can see Facebook and Instagram merging into one platform in time. However, as we were talking about Youtube's update earlier, we can again see that story content is becoming a key focus for both of these platforms. Allowing you to cross-post Stories from Facebook to Instagram suggests that story content is going to become an even bigger priority for Facebook and Instagram in the war for attention.

Instagram tests option to re-share live videos to IGTV

🤔 What happened?

Instagram is now testing an option which would enable you to share your Instagram live streams direct to IGTV as soon as the broadcast has ended.

💡 My take

Another update from Instagram; you can now repurpose live videos as IGTV content. We've spoken about this before, and as you know, IGTV hasn't quite taken off in the way that Facebook had hoped. They wanted to be strong competitior to Youtube but it hasn't quite made it to this level.

Ultimately, allowing IGTV to become the archive of your Instagram Lives makes a lot of sense because it turns your IGTV into a channel like on Youtube. This means that this war for streaming and attention and the prioritization of video content is absolutely critical.

It's been said time and time again, but if you're not focussing on content creation as a video-first perspective or story-telling through the medium of video, you'll really be missing a trick. We can see from the movement of these social media businesses that they are becoming streaming platforms whereby video content is their first priority in terms of how they put their videos forward.

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