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Andy's Round-Up: Instagram rolls out QR codes and Google launches new Search Console insights tool

Blog Post Author – Andy
25th August 2020

Google Launches Search Console Insights Tool

🤔 What happened?

Google has launched a new Search Console Insights tool to help content creators make informed decisions to improve their content.

💡 My take

Google has announced' Search Console Insights'. It's only in closed beta at the moment, but it sounds really interesting. As a reminder, Search Console allows you to find out how Googles sees your site so you can improve its performance. But Search Console Insights are going to show you the blog content and the pages that are doing the best for your site. Consider it akin to social media post level analytics. So I think that's going to take Google into a really interesting space where you've got fantastic transparency around what's driving the performance of your site. Couple that with what we talked about last week, around the 'People Cards' that they announced in India, you can start to see some extra power coming to Google and that's really exciting.

Instagram rolls out QR codes worldwide

🤔 What happened?

Instagram QR codes are finally a real thing for all users worldwide, helping both regular users and businesses to connect.

💡 My take

Instagram has announced QR codes at last. QR codes are a great way to build your following by sending out these QR codes. You can also put these QR codes on marketing material in order to grow followers. It's a really useful update and it was about time that they brought QR codes to the platform.

Instagram adds suggested posts and ads

🤔 What happened?

Instagram is rolling out a new ‘Suggested Posts’ feature that adds ads and suggested organic posts from people you don’t follow after ‘You’re All Caught Up.’

💡 My take

Finally, Instagram has announced a change, similar to Tik Tok's popular 'For You' option. When scrolling through the feed you usually get to a point where you're 'all caught up'. Now it's going to continue in that continuous scroll showing you content that you might otherwise like from people you don't follow. That is very akin to the TikTok 'For You' tab. It will be really interesting to see how Instagram approaches the infinite scroll direction, in line with the Reels launching an attempt to try and mimic as much of the growth and tactics that have helped TikTok grows well over the course of this year.

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