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Andy's Round-Up: LinkedIn considers 'dwell time' + Instagram lets you bulk delete comments

Blog Post Author – Andy
19th May 2020

LinkedIn launches Polls

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn has now officially launched its new native polls option, providing another way to gather feedback, and boost engagement on the platform.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has launched Polls which is available now and can be used by everyone. I've been seeing quite a lot of poll content in my feed suggesting that the LinkedIn algorithm is already favoring poll content at the moment. If polls are potentially right for your then now is the time to test them out.

LinkedIn factors 'dwell time' into content distribution algorithm

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn has this week published an overview of its new 'dwell time' metric, which is now being factored into its feed algorithm, which defines what each user sees on the platform.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has launched a little algorithm update that takes into consideration what they call 'dwell time'. 'Dwell time' is the amount of time spent looking at a piece of content. It's an important algorithm update because this increases the quality of content on a platform. When you're thinking about creating your content, you need to be engineering it to keep people looking at the content for as long as possible - this means longer form content that is also more interesting and engaging.

LinkedIn launches virtual events

🤔 What happened?

LinkedIn is introducing virtual events as a solution for Pages, at a time when in-person events remain on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

💡 My take

LinkedIn has announced that they will be launching 'Virtual Events' which is a combination of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events. LinkedIn Live is your live streaming part of LinkedIn which is still rolling out (albeit a little bit slowly) while LinkedIn Events is their competitor to MeetUp or Eventbrite. As a result, it seems a very natural marriage for these two because I'm doubting that any B2B focused events are going to happen this year and it makes sense to have a digital alternative to this. LinkedIn Virtual Events is now going to create a holistic approach to online events allowing you to organize, plan, invite, and also deliver the live stream. More to come on that as it has just been announced, however they have moved this up their roadmap. It'll be interesting to see what happens here.

Instagram introduces a new sticker to support small businesses

🤔 What happened?

Instagram is introducing a new sticker for Stories to “Support Small Business” that lets you promote your favorite small business in this difficult time.

💡 My take

Instagram has launched a 'support small businesses' sticker. Whilst that seems like a small and trivial update, it's actually very important. If you are a small business creating content on Instagram, applying this sticker raises the cognizance of those that are following you and consuming your content. At a time like this is makes sense to support or purchase products from smaller businesses right now and I think this sticker is a very important step and something you should consider using yourself if you are a small business offering products and services right now.

Instagram lets you delete up to 25 comments at once

🤔 What happened?

Instagram has announced three new features that expand on its efforts to fight online bullying: bulk comment management, pinned comments, and tag and mention controls.

💡 My take

Again with Instagram, one of the things that has always held Instagram back is the undercurrent of negativity that runs on the platforms. And it's not just Instagram really as this is a problem across the whole of social media. Instagram has now announced three features to improve the quality of content and the quality of the interaction on content.

Firstly, they're giving you the ability to delete up to 25 comments at once. Bots are still a bit of a problem on Instagram, so if your posts tend to get a lot of interaction from bots (which are ultimately nonsense) you can just go ahead on the Instagram desktop app and go ahead and remove them in bulk.

The second update is that you can now block people from mentioning you and tagging you and following you so that's really encouraging progress and a useful feature to have if there are people that typically look at and interact with your content that you don't want to.

Thirdly, you can now 'pin' the best comments to the top of the comments feed on Instagram which is a great way to reinforce that positivity. I definitely applaud all of these updates from Instagram in terms of improving the quality of the interaction on the platform.

Messenger Rooms to be available in Facebook Groups and Events

🤔 What happened?

Facebook has now announced that its new Messenger Rooms group video chat feature will also be available in Groups and Events.

💡 My take

Facebook has announced that Facebook Messenger Rooms, which if you remember, is Facebook's Zoom competitor allowing people to join a video conference with up to 50 participants is now being launched into Facebook Events. This update is very similar to LinkedIn Virtual Events, as we were discussing earlier.

I think this is a fantastic move to really enforce that face-to-face interaction in a community and really help drive that engagement. So not only do you have the ability to live stream into your Group to get people interacting with you, but I think it's even more collaborative where you can be in a Facebook Group and say we're going to be doing a call between all our members at this time, and get 50 members on a Messenger Room call straight away. It's another fantastic way for us to build our businesses and communities with.

France passes law forcing online platforms to delete hate-speech content within 24 hours

🤔 What happened?

France’s lower chamber of the parliament has voted in favor of a controversial law against hate speech on social networks and online platforms.

💡 My take

My final point is perhaps slightly more negative from a social media perspective. There's always an undercurrent of negativity that shouldn't be on the platforms and there's lots of legislation that come in to try and reduce the amount of negative content or potentially harmful content that hits the social platforms.

Already, Australia and Germany have introduced legislation and now France have rolled out legislation where harmful content needs to be removed from social media within 24 hours or be fined 4% of their global revenue.

That's great in terms of focusing the mind and keeping the narrative going in terms of mental health awareness. I definitely support the legislation but the thing that seem counterintuitive to me is that these are all retroactive moves. In the same way that Facebook have moderators that essentially remove content after it's been posted, these legislations have come in to remove content after it's been posted. 24 hours is still a long time for harmful content to do some serious damage so it seems counterintuitive to me that Facebook have just invested 400 million in buying gif-making platform giphy, when they should be applying this resource in a more proactive way to manage the content that goes onto the platform.

It isn't an unrealistic expectation for Facebook (and I am picking on Facebook here, but this does apply to everyone) to build an engine that watches videos and flags to a moderator if something is particular harmful in the video and doesn't allow that video to be posted until it's been reviewed. To me, that seems like a much more practical way of doing things rather than just forcing legislation and then having human moderators be apart of this.

It's a slightly negative note to end on, but that is the part of social media that we're going to see a lot more development on over the next year or so. Lots more legislation will be coming because it's clear that social is going to remain a significant part of our lives and it's only going to increase based on the nature of how things have gone over the last six to eight weeks with social networks releasing new updates to help us build our businesses. There's always going to that element that we want to remove from social so I applaud the legislation but I think there's a lot more to be done in terms of more proactive management from a network side.

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