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Andy's Round-Up: The rise of Pinterest, Twitter's audience definition, and a TikTok feed

Blog Post Author – Andy
20th January 2020

Pinterest is now the third largest social network in the US

🤔 What happened?

Pinterest has overtaken Snapchat as the third largest social network in the US, according to a recent report.

💡 My take

So, Pinterest is now the third biggest social media platform in the world, so it's just overtaken Snapchat. Furthermore, its sure to continue growing in 2020. As we spoke about last week, Pinterest is a bit forgotten in terms of its potential as a social media platform, but its growth has been absolutely consistent. 2020 will be a good year to start thinking about your Pinterest strategy. I will be talking more and more about that as this year goes forward.

A new feature will let you define your tweets' audience

🤔 What happened?

Twitter has revealed a new feature under development that will let users define the organic audience for their tweets.

💡 My take

Twitter is announcing a new feature called 'Conversation Dynamics' which allows you to target your audience with your organic tweets. Typically, that used to be reserved for paid only tweets, where you could target certain demographics. Now, this feature is rolling out to organic tweets (not live, but that will be coming soon). This is a great one in terms of making sure that your message hits the right audience and it's also another way that Twitter is making sure it becomes a safe place for conversations to happen.

TikTok is developing a feed of curated content

🤔 What happened?

TikTok is investigating the possibility of a curated content stream, similar to Snapchat's Discover surface.

💡 My take

TikTok are announcing a curated content feed similar to Snapchat's Discovery feed. Now, as we all know, when Snapchat launched that Discover feed it became a real rocket underneath Snapchat's growth and this could have the same results for TikTok who already continue to grow at a ridiculous pace.

Just as a side note, I'm sure lots of people are already starting to investigate TikTok and how your business is gonna fly on that already but TikTok are starting to look into their monetization strategy and having this curated content feed will be a big part of that. So if you haven't started investigating it, start looking at TikTok now. I downloaded it for the first time only two weeks ago, and it's actually quite interesting and I can really see the potential.

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