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Andy's Round-Up: Twitter encourages you to revise replies + new Pinterest features

Blog Post Author – Andy
12th May 2020

Twitter now encourages you to revise replies

🤔 What happened?

Twitter is running a limited test on iOS that asks users to think again and edit a reply that might contain harmful language, before tweeting it.

💡 My take

Twitter have announced a test allowing people to self-moderate their replies. If you're replying to a tweet, Twitter is now going to encourage you to revise your reply by asking 'did you really want to send this?' before you hit 'reply'. I think this is a really positive step to help take the emotion out of the situation and help people really think about what they're posting.

Facebook did a similar test last year and have announced some fairly positive results as well, but they haven't implemented anything as such so this is really Twitter's first test. It's a really positive step for the industry in general to help improve the quality of content. At the moment, we're just resorting to moderators retroactively moderating content after it's been posted. If we can improve the quality of the input of the content that's going onto the platform then it's a really great step. I'll be watching this one with interest.

Twitter rolls out changes to threaded conversations

🤔 What happened?

Twitter announced it’s introducing a new layout for replies that will use lines and indentations to make it easier to understand who you’re replying to and how the conversation is flowing.

💡 My take

So, keeping with Twitter, the other thing that they want to address outside of the abuse that can happen on the platform, is the quality of the conversations. As a result, they've announced some updates to how conversations get threaded and this is rolling out now. Threaded replies basically make it easier to follow a conversation and make it more engaging to get involved in that conversation. That's rolling out now so it'll be interesting to see the increase in engagement rates caused by this. Twitter has seen a 24% increase in engagement over the last six weeks, but it will be interesting to see if that is sustainable post-lockdown.

Facebook launches trial of a free web browsing app

🤔 What happened?

Facebook has announced Discover, a mobile web and Android app that lets users in developing countries browse any website using free data from mobile operators.

💡 My take

Moving onto Facebook, they've announced the 'Discover' web app, which is essentially a free mobile browsing app for users in Peru. This is just a trial at the moment, and the idea behind this is to allow people within developing countries and/or economies that have potentially poor access to the internet to give them a free mobile browsing experience.

This is great for empowering people with more information. It's also great because they're going to be testing this in Peru and then rolling out to the Philippines as they are social media hotspots and that's where a lot of the growth of social media will be coming from and that's great for communication in general and increasing the usage of social media.

On the other side of things, because this is Facebook, it's going to have issues conerning how neutral they will be as a web browser, i.e. will they prioritize traffic to Facebook-owned sites? This was India's concern because Facebook trialled a similar thing in India from 2016 but it got banned based on issues of net neutrality. So as I said, the Jury's out on my views on that one; I think it's both kind of good but I think there's a bit of an underhand play there too.

Pinterest Adds 32 Million More Users in Q1

🤔 What happened?

Pinterest has repeatedly noted that it's been seeing record high levels of usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now, we have some extra perspective on what exactly that means.

💡 My take

I find Pinterest fascinating as a platform because they're really posting some incredible numbers at the moment; 32 million additional users were added in Q1 with a 75% increase in engagement. However, I think the most important thing is that they've seen a 9% quarter-on-quarter growth. Now, 9% might not sound very impressive, but actually quarter-on-quarter shows the sustainability of that growth and actually outpaces all of the other social media platforms. Their revenue is matching this too. As a result, Pinterest is proving itself to be really sustainable and showing fantastic sustained growth. The quality of content is also remaining really really high.

Pinterest launches new Notes, Dates, and Recommendations for Boards

🤔 What happened?

Pinterest has launched several new features that make planning recipes, virtual events, and future activities easier and more automated.

💡 My take

Pinterest have also announced a whole bunch of new features to help people organize around the events in their life by adding date functionality, note functionality, and the ability to 'group' boards. This gives an end-user the tools to organize their life and make collections of things. Now, I get Pinterest from a consumer perspective, but from a B2B perspective I really struggle. I'm keen to find out how businesses can apply Pinterest into their marketing stack and leverage it effectively. I'm really excited by the opportunities within Pinterest but my ask of anyone reading this is; have you got any examples of a fantastic B2B application of Pinterest? Because I'd love to shine a light on it and I'd really love to understand what will help businesses unlock that growth within Pinterest that are marketing to other businesses.

Andy does a round-up of social media news every week. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn to get it first.

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