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How To Get The Best Experience From Social Media Marketing World

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
14th February 2018
How to get the best experience from social media marketing world

Did we mention, ContentCal is jetting off to San Diego this February to revel in the delights of Social Media Examiner's World?

(Because we totally are)

As the biggest social media marketing event of the entire year, ContentCal is feeling… to say the least, pretty pumped about attending. And like the good social media marketers we are, we’ve been reading up on how to get the most from the event once we get there. Here’s what we discovered -

Be Comfortable

There’s lots to see and lots to do at Social Media Marketing World. As a result, you’ll be on your feet for most of the day, and probably won’t have time for an outfit change between day and evening activities. Looks like you’re going to want to pick your outfits wisely by staying stylish, professional, and complete with comfortable shoes.

Pack Wisely

In order to have the best possible time (and look after yourself) you’re going to need to pack plenty of water, snacks, and medical supplies. Afterall, you just can’t be too careful! Furthermore, it pays to be prepared with other useful items like a notebook, pens, portable chargers, and business cards.


That’s right, you can start making friends and connections before you even get to San Diego! Use the hashtag #SMMW18 to engage with your fellow marketers ahead of the event, join the Facebook event page, join the LinkedIn group, and even get involved with the Slack channel.

There’s also pre-networking events on 15th Feb at 9am, and Feb 22nd at 4pm and Meetups on the Monday and Tuesday lunchtime. At these Meetups you can join specific tables for some really fascinating discussions, and shake hands with those with the same interests, industries, and job roles.

Make Friends

Challenge yourself to eat lunch with new people everyday, approach new faces, and exchange contact details. You should even make friends with the speakers and begin dolling out your business cards and winning smiles. There’s even a networking event for introverts on the Wednesday at 4pm (so no excuses).

Take Selfies

Met someone interesting? Take a selfie. Not only will this act as a great conversation starter, but you can share this over social when you’re looking to catch-up with your connections post-event.

Plan your Sessions

It always pays to be prepared but it’s important to stay flexible at the same time. Our sources recommend you plan for 2-3 meetings a day and then leave the rest up to whim. Recordings will be available too but previous attendees will vouch that some speakers are not-to-miss live (so do your research). Furthermore, if you find yourself seated for a talk that you’re just not feeling then get up and leave! Life is short, and Social Media Marketing World has so much more to offer.

Arrive with a Yearning for Learning

Those who arrive with burning questions and the desire to learn will ultimately have the most fun and valuable experience. Plan which sessions you want to attend, think up some questions in advance, and spark some amazing discussions. If you’re looking to get really in-depth then you might even fancy joining in with the table talks in the networking plaza for some lively and niche discussions. And always remember, think long and hard about the type of social media planning and publishing tools you use today, how you can make better use of them and ask lots of questions!

P.S - We’re offering fellow attendees of Social Media Marketing World 3 months of free Content. Check it out -

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