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What is the Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2020?

Blog Post Author – Alan
8th July 2020

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that the best time to post on Twitter is when most of your following are online.

But it’s not quite as easy to figure out when your audience are most likely to retweet, comment or share your posts.

We’ll be focusing on the best times to post to Twitter pre-Covid-19, and post Covid-19, so you know exactly how changes to people's lifestyle has changed how they use Twitter.

Getting ready for 2022? Read our updated blog on best times to post on Twitter in 2022.

Best time to post on Twitter post-Covid-19

Interestingly, Twitter habits have changed - but not dramatically. People use the channel today just as much as they did before lockdown.

The social network has also doubled up as a place where people get their news, updates on their favorite shops and bars opening, and newly introduced safety guidelines.

Twitter's best time for engagement.

The study noticed that although 9am Friday was always a popular time to post, the best time slot to post on Twitter has widened to from 7am to 9am.

Wednesday at 9am was also found to be a top time for Twitter users to post after Covid-19. However, Saturday was the worst day to post on Twitter.

How global Twitter engagement changes through the week

We’ve seen what Sprout Social and CoSchedule recommend, but what about the other reports?

According to Hubspot, the best time to Tweet is from noon to 3pm or later at 5pm. This coincides with the lunchtime catch-up, afternoon slump and the time people are on the commute home.

QuickSproutadvises posting from noon all the way up to 6pm, but says to avoid weekends all together.

Additionally, Hootsuite research shows that the best time to post on Twitter is between 9am and 4pm on Monday and Thursday, and especially from 11am to 1pm.

How to use ContentCal to find the best time to post on Twitter

  1. Head into your ContentCal Calendar, and select the ‘Analytics’ tab in the top menu

  2. To see your best times to publish across all channels, select ‘All’ at the top left. Right now ContentCal supports analytics for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  3. Choose the time period you’d like to select for the data to be relevant.

  4. Scroll down to the ‘Best time to post graph’ to see when you should be posting on each of your channels.

The best time to post on Twitter.

How to introduce the best time to post in ContentCal

Once you’ve discovered which times are the best to post content, you’ll want to add these into ContentCal as 'preset publish times'.

Within your content calendar, you can also decide on different publish times, before you or someone on your team posts. These allow you to quickly choose from a list of optimum times when scheduling new posts, maximising reach and getting rid of any doubts about if it's the right time to be posting.

How to create your pre-published times

  1. Head into ‘setup’ from within your Calendar and scroll down to the ‘preset times’ area.

  2. Select ‘create preset time’ and enter a time of your choice.

  3. When scheduling a post, select the dropdown beside the timepicker to generate and select from a list of your preset times.

💡 Pro tip: Regularly make use of the ‘random’ option when scheduling your content to assign a random publishing time to your post. This will allow you to continue testing other publish times that may see an unexpected pick up in engagement.

How to preset times in ContentCal:

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Note: The more strategically your content is used, the better the engagement rate! Book in for a free social media strategy session now for inspiration, tips, and tool recomendations that'll make content marketing a doddle.

Best times for B2C and B2B to post on Twitter

SproutSocial study (released before the outbreak of Covid-19) noted that although between 8am and 4pm weekdays is a good time to post on social media, it does vary depending on whether you’re a B2C or B2B brand.

Posting on Twitter also changes depending on which B2B industry your company is in.

Here’s how the average day on Twitter goes

8am - 11am: It’s busy. People are tuning in to read the day’s news.

12pm - 4pm: Pretty busy. People are taking time off from their work to quickly find out what the rest of the world is up to.

5pm - 9pm: Not so busy. People are doing other things after a day of work.

9pm onward: Pretty much dead. Apart from a few night owls, everyone’s asleep.

The reason it’s so popular in the early morning is because followers tune in for news. After 4pm, they finish work and go home to cook and relax, or go see friends - avoiding social media.

Although engagement figures aren’t as high during the week, people use Twitter at the weekend more than other channels, such as Facebook - probably because it’s so easy to tune in and out of.

A survey by CoSchedule found that:

B2C businesses get the most engagement between 8am and 10am.

B2B businesses get the best engagement either early in the morning between 7am and 8am, at 11am, or later in the day, at 6pm or 9pm.

The best times for B2B and B2C businesses to post

When is the best time for consumer companies to get engagement on Twitter?

That would by Sunday at 11am. Why? Because people aren’t up to much. And because all of the B2B accounts have gone quiet for the weekend.

In fact, all weekend is a good time for B2C companies to get the attention of their Twitter audience.

Unsurprisingly, the worst day for B2C companies to get our attention is Monday. That’s because we’re all in work mode.

Engagement in consume

The best time for brands to tweet by sector

Like with other social media platforms, the best time to post on Twitter varies by sector and industry.

Here’s what CoSchedule reports as the best time to post per sector:

Best times for media companies to post on Twitter

The best times to post on Twitter if you work in the

Twitter is an essential part of any journalist’s beat.

It’s where they receive tip-offs from the public, gather quotes, get news first, promote articles and spark debate.

As a rule of thumb, the best time to post news is as soon as it’s available. However, that doesn’t always match up to people’s reading habits.

The best time to post on Twitter is Wednesday at 9am and Thursday at 9am and 8pm. Though any time in the morning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is when your posts are likely to get the most engagements.

Key days for media companies to post are Thursday and Friday. The worst day for media companies to post on Twitter is Saturday.

The worst times for engagement are Monday to Wednesday before 5am and after 9pm. That probably seems quite obvious, as people will be asleep.

However, you may not know that Saturday and Sunday afternoons are also a ‘dead time’, when you shouldn’t schedule the posts you want to perform best.

Overall, it’s best to post between 6am to 7am, 11am, between 7pm to 8pm, and at 10 pm.

Best times for the education sector to post on Twitter

The best times to post on Twitter in the Education sector.

Do you work in a school, university or other educational institution and want to maximise your audience engagement?

Then be prepared to schedule your posts at a time that’s totally different than we’ve seen for all other sectors.

Then be prepared to schedule your posts at a time that’s totally different than we’ve seen for all other sectors.

That’s because the best time to post is between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday. In fact, Saturday is the best day overall for companies in the education sector to post on Twitter.

The worst day for education organizations to post is Sunday.

The best weekday times to get engagement on education posts is between 9am and 2pm.

The best time to post on Twitter for higher education organisations such as universities is outside of working hours. 8am, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm are the golden times for getting engagement on Twitter.

What is the best time to post on Instagram 2020?

Best times for charities to post on Twitter

Twitter engagement in the charity

Non-profit and charity organisations tend to be big hashtag users, as it’s how they gather interest in their cause and drive membership.

Hashtags are also a great way to let members know about any upcoming events.

The best time for a non-profit to engage its audience is from Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm.

The best time is Wednesday at 7am, and Wednesday is also the best day overall for charities to post on Twitter. The worst times to post are before 4am and after 9pm, and you should avoid posting on a Saturday all together.

Best times for tech companies to post on Twitter

Twitter engagement in the t

For tech companies, the best time to post on Twitter is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Forget about posting on a Sunday though – that’s when you’ll get the least engagement.

Other weekdays from 8am to 1pm are also good times to get your posts noticed.

Before 6am and after 8pm are generally bad times to post for B2B companies, but this is especially the case for tech companies.

Best times to post on Twitter for healthcare companies

Best time for Twitter engagement in the heal

Companies working in healthcare should be Tweeting their best content between 8am and 2pm during the working week.

They are unlikely to pick up meaningful engagement at the weekends.

Twitter is a great platform to signpost followers to a particular campaign, or to share best-practice health advice.

As usual, posting before 4am and after 8 pm isn’t a good idea, because not many of your followers will be online.

Best times for finance companies to post on Twitter

Best time for finance companies to post on Twitter

Where the finance industry is concerned, the best time to post on Twitter is between 1am and 5am on Tuesday, and on Sunday at 2pm. The best day to post overall is Tuesday, and the worst is Saturday.

The finance industry stands out from other sectors on Twitter, because of the flurry of engagement seen in the mornings.

Finance companies favour the fast-paced platform for news updates – and not just those related to the stock market. This is a fast-moving industry and Twitter is perfect for it.

The worst times to post are outside of working hours, as you would expect.

Best times to post on Twitter for recreation companies

The best time to post on Twitter for

Before we dive into this one, what is the recreation industry exactly?

We’re looking at Sprout Social’s study here, and they appear to mean the arts, entertainment and dining industries.

For companies in this sector, Friday is the best day to post on Twitter, probably because people are preparing for weekend matches and sports events.

People are planning their weekends, and that’s when you want them to see your post.

9am is the best time to post in general, and the effectiveness of your Tweets will lose steam after that point in time.

Unusually, the worst time to post on Twitter is at the weekends. We guess everyone’s just busy then actually doing all their recreational activities.

Social media strategy examples form your favorite brands

How often should you post on Twitter?

Surely things move so quickly on Twitter that people wouldn’t mind if you posted repeatedly?

Well yes, there’s definitely more leeway for posting more regularly on Twitter than social media channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn, but you don’t want to overdo it – unless you want to be swiftly unfollowed.

In fact, Co-schedule recommends 15 as the optimum number of Tweets per day. Tweets should be spread throughout the day.

Global brands should post around the clock to ensure they connect with their audience in various different time zones.

We think 14 Tweets per day is a bit much. Who has that much great content to share?

You should probably Tweet about three times per day, and then more if you have enough new, original content in your content calendar.

There is no point in posting just any old thing to reach an ideal number of posts per day - otherwise, people aren’t going to see your Tweets and think "oh, interesting!", they’ll think, "boring, next".

To help you get the perfect spread of content throughout the week, make use of ContentCal's visual Calendar interface for complete visibility over the entire content plan. Start your free trial now to being mapping out your content.

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Use Twitter insight tools to find the best time to post

Every company is different and there’s no one-size fits all approach to posting at the best time.

The sector-specific research is a good place to start, but once you get going, you should look at your analytics to find the best time to post.

Follower Wonk can help analyse your Twitter audience

Using a tool like FollowerWonk you can analyse the demographic make-up of your followers.

When you understand the average gender identity, location, and followers of your audience, you’re in a better position to make assumptions about the types of Tweet your audience are most likely to respond to.

Types of engagement on Twitter

Tweets go viral when your followers like and retweet your post and then their followers retweet in turn.

If enough people like and retweet you’ll find your Tweet has reached thousands of people.

But what other types of engagement on Twitter are there?

Your audience could follow you, reply and like your post. If they click on your tweet, image or embedded media then that can also be considered engagement.

We’ve done a full run-down of the different types of engagement.

A follower could also mention your brand in a tweet, giving you a chance to jump in and comment too.

Engagement matters because it lets Twitter’s algorithm know that an individual likes your company posts. He or she will then see more of your content.

Happy tweeting!

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Note: Book in for a free social media strategy session now for inspiration, tips, and tool recomendations that'll make content marketing a doddle.

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