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The best tools to use alongside ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
22nd July 2020

The sad truth is that no one tool can do everything that you need when planning social. While ContentCal is pretty awesome when it comes to content planning, creating, scheduling, and analysing, there’s a few bits and pieces that we just can’t do (not yet anyway).

But that’s okay. We’ve compiled a list of the best social media management tools that you can use alongside ContentCal Social Media Publishing.

20 new ideas to level up your social content

The following tools will help you master your social media content...


Unsplash provides a library of images that you can download and use for free.


Use Figma to create high-quality graphics and then collaborate on them with your team to help your social media marketing effort.


Canva is a simple tool that can be used to create professional looking graphics without the skills of a designer.


Ezgif can be used for a variety of things such as resizing gifs, editing videos, converting mp4 files to Gif files (and visa versa), and even making your own gifs.


Giphy provides a library of hundreds of fun and relevant gifs that are free to use in your social media content. You can also use their gif maker to create your own.


Vidbuild is a video creation tool that allows you to collate hundreds of images and videos to create your own marketing content.

Answer the public

Not sure what to write about? Answer the public lets you search for keywords to find out what the world has been querying online.


Fotor is a photo editor that can be used to create collages and make new graphics for sharing on social.

Everybody loves an infographic. Use to transform your data into engaging infographics.

Meme Generator

Just as it says on the tin, Meme Generator can be used to create memes using your images and text to replicate viral sensations.  

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