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Five neat ways to use ContentCal's Category Tags

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
23rd October 2018
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Let’s talk; Category Tags.

What are they? Colour coded labels for categorising content. How do you set them up? By heading to the setup section in the top right of your Content Calendar. What do you use them for? Whatever. You. Want. giphy (5)

5 ways to use ContentCal’s Category Tags to organise your content

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 Labelling content themes

Perhaps the most common use of our Category Tags is to label content by content theme. This could mean labelling posts as ‘evergreen content’, ‘industry news’, ‘team pic’, ‘#MondayMotivation’, etc. Using Category Tags in this way keeps your themes balanced, content interesting, and stops your social channels from becoming a stale stream of repetitive content (because nobody wants that).

Marking post state

Have you heard of our Custom Planning Channels? These are channels you can add to your Calendar View to plan extra marketing content from Youtube videos, to email blasts. Because this content can’t be published through ContentCal (we know, sad face), things can get confusing if you’ve got a multiple team members collaborating on the Calendar. Keep things simple by using Category Tags to label content as ‘Published’, ‘On Hold’, and more.

Assign to team members

For those of you who’ve got several content creators working on the same content calendar, using Category Tags to assign tasks could help organise and divide the workload. Create Category Tags for your team’s names such as ‘Kirsty’, or ‘Andy’ and attach to draft posts, ready to be transformed into scheduled content. Category Tags 3

Labelling content type

Creating Category Tags to label content type is another way to ensure that content is varied. When the time comes to reflect on content performance, this will also help you identify whether particular forms of content are more appealing to your audience than others. Consider tags such as ‘GIF’, ‘Poll’, ‘Video’, etc.


Say you’re scheduling a post for Twitter due to publish next week to share your next blog post. The blog you want to share hasn’t actually been published yet so you’re not able to include the link in the Tweet and therefore complete the post. Make sure you don’t forget to add this crucial detail by using a Category Tag to work as a reminder. Tags such as ‘Add Link’, ‘Add Image’, ‘Fact Check’, can serve as reminders from the Calendar View on what needs to be tweaked before the post can be approved.

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