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Cian Corbett and ContentCal unite

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
27th April 2018
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The one and only Cian Corbett, Managing Director of Leading Social, one of Ireland’s premier social media agencies, is entering into a very exciting partnership with yours truly; ContentCal.

As a very highly respected individual on Ireland’s social media scene, Cian is also a lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute, helping graduates understand and develop social and digital marketing strategies. We’re incredibly privileged to be working with him.

About Cian Corbett

Cian is a social media strategist, lecturer, and Managing Director of Leading Social. But first and foremost? He’s a social media nerd. Having started his first social media campaign over 12 years ago on Bebo, MySpace (oh the memories), and Forums, Cian has witnessed and partaken in the evolution of social media.

Since then, Cian has gone onto create and implementing strategies on behalf of some of Ireland’s largest brands including Three Ireland, AIB, and Toyota Ireland. He’s also a regular keynote speaker on all things digital and social.

When it comes to digital downtime, Cian likes to play the piano with Cork Indie outfit The Frank and Walters. Keep up to date with Cian Corbett’s insights into social by following him on Twitter at @Cian_Corbett.

  “Business is nothing without a community. Working with people like Cian is always an utter pleasure (although I’m still envious that he has a more successful music career than mine… 😉) but having someone of his calibre recognise the value of our product and want to share this with their community is an honour.” – Andy Lambert, Director of Growth, ContentCal

About ContentCal

cian corbett 6 Basically, ContentCal is a social media marketing calendar that you can use to plan and publish your content. But there’s actually much more to it than meets the eye.

While many social media scheduling tools are perfectly adequate when it comes to scheduling content, where ContentCal really differs is in its ability to help with the content creation process itself. As a place for teams to collaborate, jot down notes and ideas, and share information, it’s an effective eliminator of stress and faff.

Use placeholders to drop notes into the calendar to come back to later, use the backlog to store ideas and information, keep clients separate with multiple calendars, and auto-publish to social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Pinterest and Google+ coming soon).

With a visual calendar layout, content creation becomes a significantly less overwhelming process, while the color-coded content and approval workflows are perfect for those in an agency environment handling client approvals. You can even communicate with your team or clients on content using the commenting function, while approval workflows reduce the room for error and embarrassing mistakes.

And when all is said and done? With ContentCal Analytics, you can keep track of content performance and learn how to improve for the future. However, it’s not all about social media content. Our customer planning channels allow you to convert ContentCal into a complete marketing hub with the ability to plan for blogs, newsletters, press releases, and whatever else you fancy. How’s that for ultimate organization? Cian Corbett patnership 1 You can read some of Cian Corbett's latest blogs here -

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