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A Comparison of ContentCal and Buffer

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th December 2017
ContentCal Buffer Comparison 92

We’re asked on practically a daily basis how ContentCal compares to Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or any social media tool really. And considering there’s fair few in the world to choose from, who can blame them?

When it comes to social media marketing tools, it's easy to get intimidated. Rest assured, ContentCal will forever be inherently simple, easy to pick up, and most importantly; really hit the nail on the head in terms of giving you what you need to master your social.

But more on us and our loveable nature later, let’s take a look at Buffer:

Buffer Positives

  • It gets the job done quickly and easily. If you’re just looking for the basics in terms of scheduling and analytics, then buffer is a simple, intuitive, and clean platform to work from.
  • It has various plans to suit businesses, agencies, or individual users with different features and capabilities, including a free plan.
  • It has its own browser extension. As a result, Buffer can become interactive with your social media channels on a visa versa basis as opposed to only sending content to your channels and receiving nothing in return.
  • It does three things well with Buffer schedule (self-explanatory), Buffer Pablo (for image creation), and Buffer Reply (for social customer support).

Buffer Negatives

  • It’s not the best choice for small businesses. Buffer is great for established companies who want oodles of content but don’t need the detailed information in terms of analytics or reporting that SMEs will rely on for growth.
  • It’s lacking when it comes to collaboration. Although Buffer does have features for approvals and role assignment for team members, it’s not all that fine tuned. For example, team members cannot communicate about content through the platform so it looks like long email threads are here to stay.
  • It’s not a place for creativity. Buffer does meet the needs of those looking to schedule content. However, It’s not the best for planning your content themes or ideas, meaning pesky spreadsheets may still be needed.

But how is ContentCal different?

  • ContentCal has a soft spot for agencies with special features to make cooperation between agency and client straightforward and clear. Approval Workflows also ensure that clients can approve / deny content within the platform for all to see.
  • ContentCal puts planning at the forefront. While ContentCal enables its users to schedule their social media content, we’re really much more than that with features and a layout to make the entire creative process easy and un-intimidating.
  • ContentCal is made for its users with features unique to the way that agencies, businesses, and individuals work. Developed to enable complete ease of use and optimum efficiency, ContentCal is not just a means to an end.
  • It’s visual with colour coded content, a calendar layout, and features such as channel notes and campaign ribbons to make clarity and planning as easy as pie. Furthermore, it’s easy to see your outgoing content with a mere glimpse!

About ContentCal

Like Buffer, ContentCal is essentially a social media content scheduling platform. ContentCal's speciality is in its ability to make planning and ideation simple with collaborative functions for maximum creativity. ContentCal Buffer Comparison At a price that is much more cost effective than many social media tools, ContentCal is a pleasantly visual and simple platform that users can instantly pick up and run with. With features such as our integration, our focus is on making the entire content creation process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. ContentCal Buffer Comparison 15 Furthermore, with a number of social media scheduling tools being marketed more and more to businesses, brands and individuals users, ContentCal is a platform where agencies in particular will benefit. With clients able to approve / deny content and leave feedback or assets within the platform, ContentCal makes life easy for content creators while establishing a sign off process that works particularly well with large marketing departments. ContentCal Buffer Comparison 25 Much like Buffer's analytics capabilities, ContentCal is also able to give users a broad overview of their overall content performance. Enabling users to analyse their posts against relevant metrics, and highlighting your top performing content, our users will know exactly what they need to do to create better content for the future. ContentCal Buffer Comparison 90 Did somebody say they were looking for the Cat’s Pyjamas? Because you’ve come to the right place: ContentCal Buffer Comparison 91

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