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The evolution of content marketing outside of the marketing team

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
19th January 2021

Another year, another new set of digital content marketing trends for the next 12 months. But as we dive head-first into 2021, something to remember is that brands, influencers and companies need to craft authentic, original content that keeps their audiences coming back. Many businesses don’t realize that they already have a content marketing ideas powerhouse at their fingertips, just waiting to be unleashed - but it’s hidden within a little thing called collaboration.

Outside of the marketing team, digital content marketing might seem like it only benefits certain areas of the business, when in actual fact, every department can benefit from it. Giving a voice to other areas of your company not only allows your employees to feel valued but can positively impact your businesses’ reputation and, in turn, lead to success.

Whether it’s a blog post written by a salesperson, an in-depth social media conversation from a customer service representative, a personalized deck to secure a new client or an internal report to keep employees updated, content marketing reaches all sides of your business. Let’s find out more about why content collaboration is so important, plus how to execute it in your business.

Utilize those in customer-facing roles for your very best content

We begin with the warriors at the front of your business - those in customer-facing roles. People in sales and customer service positions know first-hand who your customers are and what they want from your company, so they’re best-placed to advise on the types of content that would be helpful and engaging, plus bring in new leads and increase sales.

From a recurring problem with a product to a frequently asked question, learning about what makes your customers tick can inform your content marketing plan, the blog you produce, your email campaigns, and your videos and posts on social media. Some conversations which might seem throwaway if left with one or two people could actually create an explosion of brilliant original content, but how can you know it exists, if you don’t ask?

Get your sales team involved with your content marketing

The benefits of encouraging team content collaboration

Your customers are savvy. Don’t think for a second that they won’t see straight through a piece of content that isn’t written by an expert - so let’s bring in the experts. You wouldn’t hire a gardener to fix your boiler, would you? So why would you ask your marketing team to write a blog post about increasing sales when your sales team does it so well? Not only does it add credibility to your content, but it turns your employees into ambassadors for your company, knowing their time and experience is valued enough to be put out into the world, on the big stage.

You may worry about the overall tone of voice and the content being in line with your business’ standards, but that’s where the term ‘collaboration’ really comes into play. You aren’t asking your sales team to create content, edit it, upload it and push it out, you’re supplying your marketing team with a brilliant piece of content, and they can then work their magic on it and insert it into the content marketing plan.

What’s more, your departments can collaborate on content marketing ideas, not just finished pieces of work, turning a tiny flame into a fire of awesome content. Not everyone will want to be at the forefront of their ideas; they may not feel they have the skills or feel comfortable. And that’s okay. Opening up the conversation in a convenient, casual, and non intimidating way can still generate amazing content - every content marketing plan starts from an idea, after all.

Another benefit to including multiple departments in content creation is that they’ll soon realize how useful said content can be to help them do their jobs. Say a customer needs a walkthrough on how to assemble a product, or wants more information on a particular aspect of your business. Your customer service reps or sales team can feel empowered and proud to send over content that answers in-depth queries and solidifies them as a well-informed member of the team. Plus, there’s the added bonus of traffic to your website or social media pages.

This all-encompassing service shows that your teams are connected and will leave your customers with a long-lasting impression.

Getting other teams in the business involved in your content marketing

Tapping into your full potential

The realm of great content marketing ideas isn’t solely guarded by those in your marketing team. In fact, you’d be surprised what’s hiding under the hood of a developer or customer service representative.

Opening up the floor to your whole company encourages everyone to work towards the same goal and lets them know they’re important to the business. Not only will it fill them with a sense of pride and boost morale, but your departments won’t be working in silos, and will become more communicative and in the loop than ever before.

Furthermore, if you ask any marketer, they’ll never turn down extra content to fill out their content marketing plan with, with the added bonus of it being original, useful, and from someone who really knows their stuff.

Let's get collaborative

Attempting to implement a brand new structure into your business is time-consuming and may run the risk of being overlooked, but with a ready-made process built into a marketing tool your company already uses, it’s a breeze.

ContentCal’s Contributions feature allows you to generate forms that can be sent to your team members to collect information and content marketing ideas. Whether it’s photos, videos, blog ideas, or a cool article to share on social media, your content marketing plan will soon be bursting with brand new ideas. This keeps everything focused, in one place, and easy to navigate. If you’re an agency, you could even send forms to your clients, to streamline the process of collating ideas and negating the need for tireless back and forth emails.

Using ContentCal Contributions to improve your content marketing

Your team can easily gather content suggestions and implement them quickly and efficiently into the content plan, or store them in the Content Hub to check back on at a time that suits them.

At the heart of any business is a team of individuals who make it amazing, which means there’s a goldmine of content marketing ideas just waiting to be unearthed based on their first-hand experience, know-how, and enthusiasm. Don’t let it be dampened - light a fire with team content collaboration.

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