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Content Marketing for SaaS: How to make your content efforts count

Blog Post Author – Santtu
27th March 2020

Content marketing is quickly becoming of the most popular approaches to marketing, with companies starting to give it the attention it deserves.

But even after you’ve started a social media marketing plan to produce great content, there’s another challenge ahead: how do you turn those audiences into sales?

Focusing on frequent, high-quality content is the first step towards helping your audience, but even that’s not enough. People get easily distracted and look elsewhere for what they want to know, leaving your blog or social media marketing in their tracks.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you produce content that makes a difference to your business.

No conversion points in your content

The thing is that people won’t convert in the online environment if you don’t actively help them to convert. Yep, you should try to convert them - don’t just expect that someday they will convert.

It’s difficult for SaaS businesses that produce content to get attribution tracking set up in a way that proves that your content serves as a touchpoint throughout the funnel. So it’s best to get the prospect into the social media management platform or your platform as soon as possible.

How to get your audience to convert

Text links are old school, but they can be really effective.

And best of all they don’t interrupt the user experience. One of the most well-known people in this space, Neil Patel, has written a lot about using text links. You can see where they’re leading, so they’re widely trusted, and indicate relevant content to search engines.

If you aren’t too familiar with using text links you might want to read this article from content agency Verblio runs through the basics of using text links in content marketing.

Exit sign


Sign-ups are the most powerful call to action, but users are often wary of signing up to a platform on their first visit to a site. Newsletter sign-ups are a good halfway house and bring that first point of conversion in the buyer’s journey.

But then there’s an annoying way to drive users to sign up and a helpful way to do it. Always choose the helpful way - sign ups should be an obvious part of the buyer’s journey. If you’re misleading, you may see more sign-ups, but even though you could convert 3-10% of your readers to newsletter subscribers, you also alienate 90-97% of your visitors.

The folks at ContentCal know how to do this properly


People want quality content, and if they’re looking for content marketing tools or another type of Saas tool, they want a personal service too. If you’re a small team, there won’t be anyone online to offer that personal service. That’s where chatbots fill in.

Business Insider suggests that together with Oracle 80% of companies either operate or are looking to take chatbots in to use in 2020.

Chatbots have evolved from the Clippy-the-Paperclip-style pop-up in the bottom right of the screen, and can now interact more seamlessly as part of your site. For example, you can add them to the content.


To Summarize

A lot of SaaS companies are investing in content marketing but still many lack the ability to convert that traffic into measurable results.

If your content calendar is already in place and you’re already producing great content, I’d suggest your next focus should be making content that’s focused on converting. Traffic isn’t everything. Also investing in the correct social media management app can make a huge difference from both planning and analyzing.

Santtu Kottila is the CMO of Leadoo, a company helping businesses to convert more sales or leads from their existing website traffic.

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