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Why Content Marketing is the Most Powerful Piece of Kit in Your Marketing Toolbox

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
4th April 2017
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Some say that content marketing is the most powerful form of marketing right now. With recent research placing content marketing central to audience engagement, leading to increased sales and loyal customers, they could well be onto something...

Content marketing is anything posted by a company that is not an advert, away from classic product pushing and ‘Buy Now’ call to actions. The intent of this type of content is to educate the audience about their business and the industry, or share something interesting that will indirectly create intrigue around their product or services.

This content can come in a number of forms such as blogs, video, infographics, images, whitepapers and more. If done correctly, not only can it attract new customers, but it can help establish enduring relationships with previous purchasers, encouraging them to buy from you or use your services for a second time.

A recent IBM Digital Experience Survey found that 56% of marketers believe personalised content promotes higher engagement rates. This is because it allows audiences to engage with brands on a personal level, increasing the likelihood they will remember the company in future purchasing decisions.

In other words, if you’ve not already jumped on the content marketing bandwagon, then it’s high-time to don your metaphorical cowboy hat and take the reigns.

Who’s doing it well?

While content marketing is now adopted by 86% of businesses, unfortunately not all brands are producing the quality of content necessary to bring in the crowds.

To reap the top rewards of content marketing, brands need to put in the effort to be memorable and valuable. As the public become less likely to make purchases on a whim, your content marketing could be the very thing that gives your product an edge over the competition.

While your content can be exhibited on your company’s blog, social media is also a powerful owned media channel to share your content and generate some far-reaching exposure for your brand at low-cost. The better the quality, the higher the likelihood that people will want to share your content with their followers.

For a great example of quality content marketing, we love Anthropologie. Their diverse blog covers a wide variety of subjects to engage and entice their target audience - from travel and décor to food, music, and DIY.

When done right, content marketing is genuinely useful or interesting whilst simultaneously generating a subtle interest in your products and services. Anthropologie’s blogs create interest around their products by showing how they fit into the lifestyle the brand represents. With a high social following of 1,227,508 Facebook likes and each post easily attracting over 200 likes, in some cases within hours of being uploaded, it’s clear to see this strategy is resonating with their audience.

When it comes to utilising social media for content marketing, GoPro is a brand well-known for making use of user-generated content on Instagram. Such as the viral video of 2013 featuring a cat being rescued by a fireman - captured using a GoPro camera attached to the rescuer’s helmet.

Nike’s #BetterForIt campaign is a great example of video content. In 2015, Nike released a series of short films that encouraged everyday women to push themselves to achieve fitness goals.

With over 8.3million views on YouTube, Nike successfully connected with their target market and promoted their fitness products in the process. The hashtag also made waves on Twitter as women all over the world began sharing their personal goals and successes.

Content is King...

Big businesses are increasingly realising the power of content marketing in growing brand awareness and establishing a loyal customer base. So much so, in fact, that 60% of marketers are now creating at least one piece of content every day.

If people are interested in your content and find it valuable, they are more likely to purchase from your company or utilise your services. Content marketing even costs 62% less than outbound marketing while generating more than three times as many leads.

As we have seen from the above campaigns, understanding your audience, alongside a little originality, are key to creating quality content that can substantially grow your brand’s audience and generate sales.

It’s no wonder that 73% of major organisations are now hiring people with the sole job function of managing the company content marketing strategy.

Need help with your content marketing? Our experienced services team are pros in creating content to engage and influence digital audiences. Get in touch today to find out more about content marketing for your brand or agency.

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