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How not to make your social media content plan

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th October 2018
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There’s the right way to make a content plan. And there’s the wrong way to make a content plan.

We don’t need to tell you that high quality, creative, and original content is a necessity when it comes to growing a social media marketing presence. But when you’re staring straight at a blank piece of paper on a Monday morning, the ideas may not come as thick and fast as you’d hoped (regardless of your caffeine intake).

If there’s one key piece of advice we can give you for creating your content plan it’d be to not settle. Don’t settle for a slightly rubbish idea that semi-works for your brand just so you have something to work with. Take time out, do your research, chat to others, and don’t stop working on your plan until you feel genuinely excited about creating the content you've planned.

Here’s what you should avoid when creating your social media content plan

Being all ‘me, me, me’

The number one problem with brands online is the initial first instinct to shout about their products and services. It makes sense, I mean, you’re a brand and you’ve ultimately come online to raise brand awareness and get more customers. But shout about your company 24/7? It’s just not a good move.

Your audience doesn’t want to see your promotional content. They want to know about what’s going on behind the scenes, discover a more human side to your brand, and hear about what your business has to say. Give them something interesting and omit the senseless repetitive promo from the content plan.

Following other brand’s footsteps too closely

We won’t criticise you for checking out the competition - in fact - we’ll applaud you. Seeing what you’re up against is a great way to get content inspiration as well as learning from the failures and successes of others. But the way of your competitors isn’t necessarily the right way for you. The day that somebody asks you why you’ve included a particular content theme in your social media content plan, and your response is that “all the other brands in the industry are doing it” - is the day that you’ve become lazy with your ideas. If all the other brand were jumping off a cliff would you do it too? content plan 5

Creating the ‘boring but necessary’

Ever referred to some of your content as being boring but necessary? Some of your content plan may be necessary, but the mistake here is not going to extra mile to stop it from being boring. Use your imagination, find new ways to present old information, use videos and gifs and graphics to make things more visual, turn your theme into a challenge somehow, make it refreshing and enticing.

Having way too much content

Your logic is sound, more content = more opportunities to engage. But the truth of the matter is that a high quantity of content could actually harm your social media marketing growth more than nurture it. If your followers are constantly being overwhelmed by your content then they’ll be more likely to become annoyed and unfollow you. Focus on quality over quantity and keep things minimal and simple. Avoid bothering your following unless you have something really great to show them. Across social media platforms we would recommend posting no more than once per day on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and no more than 4 times per day on Twitter.

Going it alone

Collaboration is the key to creativity. If you’re having a hard time coming up with interesting ideas, ask a friend or colleague to listen to your ramblings. A fresh perspective could be just what you need to transform your existing ideas into something more original. You could even benefit just from talking about your plans aloud; it gives a certain element of clarity. Lastly, always make sure to schedule publishing content and social media when your audience needs it, so not at 2am, when your audience may well be in bed.

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