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Content and social media predictions for 2022 from ContentCal customers

You don’t need to track down a marketing influencer to get solid marketing advice. Find out what our very marketing savvy customer base is predicting for 2022.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
15th November 2021

You’re probably starting to think about your 2022 strategy and wondering how you might approach your social media and content marketing differently to 2021. You’re in the right place!

You don’t always need to track down a marketing influencer or figure head to get solid marketing advice. In fact, peer to peer learnings are often a lot more practical and successful. So, we’ve turned to our (very marketing savvy) customer base to ask what they think 2022 looks like and what they’re adding to their 2022 content plans.

Here’s what they had to say...

A large number of our customers were sure that more short-form content such as Reels and TikToks would continue to be popular into 2022. The general consensus was, short-form content is more ‘impactful’ and putting time and money into creating short-form content is a worthwhile investment.

It was also felt that we’ll see more personality from previously faceless brands with employees being at the front of their content and social media output, using employee advocacy to show a more human and authentic side to brands.

“With the continuous rise of TikTok this year and especially employee brands, I think larger organisations will continue to showcase behind the scenes of their operations via their employees.” - Jack Foster

We had mixed results when it came to predicting new trends for 2022. However, key highlights include an increase in audio content, podcasts and videos - with greater personalization and more multi-channel campaigns.

The most prominent theme was on the type of approach brands will be taking to their content, with many expecting to see more vulnerable and honest content in the attempt to secure a connection over engagement.

“Not so much a trend - but being vulnerable in marketing (as opposed to just authentic) seems to be rising in popularity.” - Charlotte Sheridan

Which channels will dominate in 2022 and why?

As you can expect, TikTok was a resounding one-to-watch for 2022 due to its ever-growing popularity and the slowly-growing presence of businesses now getting to grips with the platform to showcase products, services, or just a little more personality.

Other strong contenders to keep an eye on in 2022 were Instagram, and Youtube in their ability to provide powerful visual and ephemeral content like Stories and Reels.

What is one key piece of advice you would give to someone to help them prepare for 2022?

The majority of advice was around focusing on your goals and agreeing on your KPIs before building your social or content marketing strategy. Many also suggested taking a deep dive into your analytics from 2021 to discover your strengths and learnings, then using those to inform your 2022 efforts. We definitely agree with this advice here at ContentCal as we’re always pushing the plan before you execute a message!

Another trend in these responses from our customers was urging marketers to think like the customer and have more focus on what your customer really wants to see from your brand, how they’ll feel when they see or read your content and when and where is best to get their attention.

“Focus on the platforms where your audience lives and create content that is of value to them” - Jenny Midgley

What tools and technologies will be critical for content marketers in 2022?

Of course, we expect our customers to be a little bias when it comes to tool recommendations for 2022, but the leading recommendation was ContentCal for planning, publishing, and analyzing your content marketing performance.

Besides that, our customers felt that tools for planning and scheduling content generally, as well as collaboration tools were good investments for the future. A few also advised taking the time to play with video editing software to upskill yourselves and increase the quality of visual content you’re putting out onto platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Check out our blog to find out our 5 must-have content marketing tools for 2022.

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