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Our February releases: ContentCal 2.3 🐙

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th February 2020

Say hello to ContentCal 2.3 🐙

Here’s the rundown on our three newest features...

📹 Publish video to LinkedIn Pages

Share engaging and visual content with your LinkedIn community. Simply upload your video* content to your LinkedIn post via the 'Add Media' button.

*Upload in mp4, mpeg4, mkv, avi, and qt formats. We hear you on .mov and will continue to work on this.

“Video content is quite possibly the most captivating form of content you can share on social media so this really is a fantastic update for us. Our customers now have the potential to see so much more engagement on their LinkedIn content and more effectively grow their online communities.” - Kirsty Smith, Product Marketer

Scheduling LinkedIn Video

🎩 Realtime Calendar

Keep up with Realtime. Watch as your posts move and update before your eyes, as your teammates approve and make edits to the Content Calendar.

“Realtime is all about seeing the Calendar, exactly as it currently is, without needing to refresh. Team members working in the Calendar will be able to see each other rearranging content and completing approval actions allowing for greater visibility over the current content plan.” - Ben Newton, Developer

Realtime Calendar

🕹 More reliable video publishing

We've made improvements that will significantly reduce post failures for video posts. Create and schedule social media content with greater assurance.

“We know how disappointing it is to receive a failed post notification. Our new improvements will hugely reduce the number of post failures caused by video attachments, meaning you can schedule your content without a second thought.” - Becca Croly, Product Designer ​ Better video uploading

Which new feature is your favorite? Login now to try them all out.

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