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How you can make money with ContentCal's affiliate program

Sophie Thompson
18th November 2020
contentcal affiliate program

Have you ever loved a product so much all you find yourself doing is shouting about it to your friends and followers? Well, now we’re giving you a chance to make some extra money while doing exactly that.

Who can blame you? ContentCal is one of the fastest-growing social media and content management tools on the market, now used by 25,000 customers in over 140 countries.

So, welcome to the ContentCal Affiliates program.

By becoming an affiliate of ContentCal, you’ll be given your own unique link to share with your audience (and digital marketing friends), which if used to sign up for a paid ContentCal Plan - you’ll earn a generous 20% commission on their plan. That means if someone is paying for a $100 a month plan, you’re earning a sweet $20 each time in passive income. Don’t say we don’t treat you.

Not only that, but our commission rate is higher than all of our competitors, and we have by far the most rewarding program in the industry.

ContentCal affiliates

Do I need to have a lot of followers to join the affiliate program?

No! The program is open to everyone, but if you do happen to have a large audience, this could be a very good opportunity for you to make some serious money, particularly as the commission is per affiliate, and available as long as they’re on a monthly rolling plan or an annual plan.

You can also trust us to look after your community. We’ll be on hand to offer use of our Academy, and we’re available 24 hours a day for technical support.

Why should I join the ContentCal affiliate program?

Firstly, it’s a great opportunity to make some extra cash each month. As we previously mentioned, we offer a generous 20% commission on every paid plan signed up for monthly or annually using your unique link. If you have 10 affiliates signed up, that’s a cool $200 a month that you didn’t have to do anything too strenuous for.

But not only that, you’ll also be helping to build the great community of digital marketers that make ContentCal what it is.

We build our product around what our customers love, want to see, and what they’ve suggested will make their lives as marketers easier.

To help you plan content that will help you sell ContentCal, we’ll be sending you a monthly digest of our latest launches and updates, along with blog posts, useful resources we’ve created, and a social media round up.

We also often offer our affiliates discounted rates on their ContentCal plan, because we want to give you as much value as possible for your hard work.

making money with contentcal

Do I need to be a paid ContentCal user to join the affiliate program?

No! Our affiliate scheme is currently open to all levels of ContentCal users.

How do I get paid for being an affiliate?

We’re partnered up with Rewardful, who log all of your referrals and keep track of your commission. You will need to have had someone sign up via your unique link to bank your commission, which will be paid from us, via PayPal. It’s really as simple as that.

You can read Rewardful’s full terms here.

How do I sign up to become a ContentCal affiliate?

Just follow this link and you can get signed up to become an affiliate within minutes. Easy!

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