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The ContentCal Affiliate Program - Will it work for you and how does it compare?

Blog Post Author – Andy
25th November 2020
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To understand whether an affiliate scheme will work well for you, it’s best to get an understanding of these three things:

Firstly, is the product that you're looking at promoting one that you personally see value in?

In the case of ContentCal, you need to be sure that you recognise the value of using social media for business growth and the importance of a tool to help you manage the process.

Secondly, will your audience see value from the tool too?

When considering the ContentCal affiliate program, it’s important to have an audience that wants to grow their businesses online. Your community should want to expand their social media following, and be interested in a simple and effective way to do this.

And thirdly, is the reward going to be worth your time?

If you're going to be talking about any product or service, you’ll want to make sure that you're rewarded in return. For a business like ContentCal, it means a huge amount to have others say great things about us, so we want to be sure anyone who does share us gets something back!

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all three of these, then keep on reading!

Not only do you get an opportunity to discover new products and services that you value (we often give our affiliates discounted access to ContentCal), you'll also get the opportunity to share that value with your community. Of course, you get to make a passive income too.

So, you like the idea of an affiliate program, but unsure which one is right for you?

Before choosing the right business to partner with and become an affiliate of, you need to know how this stacks up against others. Why is one brand worth your time over another?

We're leading in our industry when it comes to affiliates - but here's what you can expect to get from our competitors:


Currently, Buffer does not offer an affiliate scheme.


AgoraPulse recently retired their affiliate scheme and are not accepting new affiliates.


Later currently does not offer an affiliate program.


Tailwind offers 5% commission on monthly revenues.


Hootuite offers a 15% monthly recurring commission through a platform called Commission Junction.


The ContentCal affiliate program entitles you to 20% of recurring monthly or annual fees.

This means that should you refer anyone to ContentCal, and they sign up for a $100 per month subscription, you'll be making $20 per month. Very quickly, that could grow to 10 customers or even 100 customers, resulting in $2,000 per month of passive income. This is income, which you do not need to do anything else for other than share ContentCal with your community. Easy, right?

That's where affiliate programs become incredibly powerful.

But, even more crucial than the financial incentive, you can expect a huge amount of support for both you and your community from us.

Knowing the audience that you have worked hard to build up will be looked after and supported in a way that will only make them love us even more is something we care deeply about.

At ContentCal, not only are we one of the highest rated social media management products, we are also one of the fastest-growing.

So, that means that not only do you get the chance to talk about a product that’s scaling rapidly (and earn money for doing so), you'll be sure that your community will get great value from it and feel supported.

Sound good? Then the ContentCal affiliate program is for you.

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