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ContentCal Chooses To Challenge...

11th March 2021

International Women’s Day 2021 championed the theme of #ChooseToChallenge.

Awareness days that benefit from trending hashtags are great for content marketing. They provide a simple way to create and schedule social posts, publish content that ranks well on social channels and positions brands as topical and thoughtful.

But, something we strongly believe at ContentCal is that ‘piggy backing’ on trending awareness campaigns is only OK if you commit to that cause and genuinely take action to support it. International Women’s Day for us was a chance to hear directly from the team about what biased behaviours they believe should be challenged - with special guest appearences from Katy Leeson and Ann Handley - and then form a plan of action for improvements.

ContentCal has a unique position of sitting between the marketing industry, where women are fairly well represented and the tech industry which is completely male-dominated. In marketing, women hold 45% of executive positions and 28% of Sales and Marketing Director roles (despite earning an average of 11% less than their male counterparts). In tech, however, women hold only 25% of roles across the whole industry, only 30% of STEM students in universities are female and only 27% of women would consider a career in tech.

It was interesting to see a pattern in the behaviours the ContentCal team choose to challenge. The lack of female leaders in tech, the lack of mentors for women in tech, the need for more flexible working across all industries and the lack of female spokespeople at tech and marketing events cropped up multiple times.

While we are not quite powerful enough to close the gender diversity and leadership gap by ourselves (yet), we have committed to providing regular opportunities to showcase amazing female leaders in tech, in marketing and in business as a whole - as well as providing opportunities for female peer to peer networking, support and teaching.

We’ll soon be publishing dates and invitations to our ‘working women’ series and in the meantime, here’s the list of #ChooseToChallenge topics from the ContentCal team:

CTC Andy

CTC Ann Handley

CTC Becca

CTC Drew

CTC emelie



CTC Katie

CTC Katy Leeson

CTC Kayvon

CTC Kirsty


CTC Mark

CTC Natalie


CTC Sophie

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