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ContentCal compared to Airtable

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
22nd February 2021

Successful content marketing is nothing without a robust planning process to see it through to completion. With the right tools at your fingertips, this process can become streamlined, automated, and, much easier. If you’re currently using a tool like Google Sheets, or are looking for a spreadsheet-based digital marketing plan, you might have considered Airtable.

We’re investigating the main features, pros, and cons in this Airtable review, to see how it stacks up against one of the top Airtable competitors: ContentCal.

About Airtable

Airtable is a project management platform that lets teams organize, well, anything. It works like a spreadsheet, but with the power of a database. It was founded in 2012 by three tech experts.

There is a selection of plans available: Free, Plus, Pro and Enterprise.

About ContentCal

Founded by a team of social media marketing experts in 2016, to help others in similar roles stay at the top of their game.

It aids teams in organizing workloads, structuring marketing strategies, and engaging in collaboration throughout the business.

Users can choose from a selection of plans: Essential, Advanced, and Expert.

Main features - Airtable review

The Database feature lets you organize your team's tasks whether it’s a digital marketing plan, a product launch, an event, or just your daily admin.

You can add fields for attachments, long text notes, checkboxes, links, and even barcodes. Drag and drop your files and see a media preview, link to other databases, assign team members, and set priority levels.

With a number of views to work with, you can configure your database to your way of working. Choose from a grid view, Airtable calendar, gallery, or Kanban.

Airtable image 1

Airtable’s selection of apps allows you to create charts, send emails, and much more. You can also integrate your existing apps, such as Slack, MailChimp and Zendesk.

With Automations, you can create workflows to generate custom notifications, create tasks automatically, and run codes to streamline processes.

Keep all of your teams singing from the same hymn sheet using Airtable Sync, which lets you sync your data to one or more destinations.

Project managers can easily assign tasks and team members can comment within the platform and mobile app to communicate efficiently. For social media management, marketers can create a content marketing plan within an Airtable calendar, with various stages of approval and with multiple users.

Main features - ContentCal

You can plan out your projects and content with ContentCal, which is set up as a visual calendar. View your ongoing and upcoming campaigns, create custom planning channels for events and projects, and communicate with your team efficiently without needing to leave the platform.

When it comes to social media management, ContentCal shines. The intuitive user interface and a friendly onboarding team will have you connected in no time, and you can add and assign User Permissions to your entire team.

A huge number of social media networks are available within ContentCal, which means it’s suited to an array of business types. With a Content Hub, post templates, Approval Workflows, Preset Publishing Times, evergreen content scheduling, saved hashtags, and even a unified inbox to save time scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly content.

You can also handle all of your long-form content within ContentCal, utilizing the Articles feature to publish newsletters, blog posts, and press releases. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your content needs.


The Contributions feature helps your business to stay connected, gaining insights and ideas with custom forms. Collaboration is key, so ContentCal lets your team comment on individual posts to discuss the best strategy and make edits as you go.

If you want the best of both worlds, you’ll be pleased to know that ContentCal’s Zapier integration connects to thousands of apps - including Airtable! Slack, Dropbox, Asana, Google Suite, and more can also be connected.

Platform Pros - Airtable

A spreadsheet, and then some

If you love spreadsheets, you’ll enjoy Airtable. With numerous options to add to your Database, it allows you to access tools that Excel can’t deliver on.

Ease of use

For Excel pros, it’s very easy to get to grips with, with a colorful interface, and the right amount of options.

Choose a view to suit you

Rather than a blanket solution for all users, each team member can select a view that suits them.

Airtable image 2

Encourages transparency and accountability

Team members and managers can see the progress of their projects, comment for clarification, and sync databases for ease.

Platform Cons - Airtable

Project management, but that’s it

Although Airtable is a great project management tool, it doesn’t offer marketers what some of its competitors can in terms of actually undertaking the work that needs doing. You’ll still need to schedule all of your social content, publish your blogs and upload your videos on each of the platforms, so while it’s great for planning, it doesn’t speed up every part of the workweek.

The more you add, the slower it gets

By utilizing Airtable to its full capability, some users have reported that it can take some time to load, which can be frustrating when you have a busy schedule or a deadline to meet.

Mobile app issues

The mobile app is glitchy and can sometimes crash unexpectedly.

Restrictive pricing

While Airtable offers a free version, many of the key features are not included in this. The pricing structure is based on users per month, which soon adds up.

Lack of online support

If you are struggling with the platform, the introductory videos, templates, and guides have been reported by users leaving an Airtable review as difficult to grasp.

Platform Pros - ContentCal

Ease of use

With an intuitive, colorful, and friendly user interface, users have no problems mastering everything that ContentCal has to offer.

A marketing powerhouse

ContentCal has everything you need to see the big picture when it comes to your marketing strategy. All of your campaigns, projects, social media posts, and long-form content live in one place, bringing your team together to increase productivity.

Social media helping hand

With a number of clever tools on offer, you can elevate your social media strategy and deliver brilliant content. Plan, schedule and analyze your content, all from one handy platform.

Custom planning channels

ContentCal’s versatile planning channels allow you to use the platform however you need it most. Whether it’s an event, website launch, or something else entirely.


Straightforward pricing plan

ContentCal’s plans are suited to a range of team sizes and it’s clear what’s included in each package.

Zapier integration

Teams can utilize thousands of apps with the Zapier integration, including Airtable. If you don’t want to choose between these two brilliant platforms, you don’t have to.

Excellent customer service

You can expect a response within minutes during the working day, as ContentCal’s support team prides itself on its 5* ratings. Plus, there are lots of informative guides and walkthroughs available for additional training.

Platform Cons - ContentCal

Mobile capabilities

Like many social media publishing tools, options available on mobile could be more advanced. However, the team is currently working on this - lookout for updates on the Roadmap.


When deciding on the best project management tool for you, it’s worth deciding just how far you want your chosen tool to go.

With Airtable, content marketing planning becomes transparent, and easy to manage but planning is where the magic ends.

With ContentCal, you can plan and see your projects through to completion from within the platform, streamlining the process and saving time.

One of the best things to note about these two platforms is that you don’t have to choose - if you wish, you can have them both. ContentCal can be integrated with Airtable to become a unique tool for your team's needs.

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