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ContentCal compared to HeyOrca

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
21st December 2020

If you’re an agency running many social media accounts for your clients, having a brilliant social scheduling tool will save you time and energy. Luckily, there’s a variety of social media calendars out there that were designed with agencies in mind.

We’re taking a look at how HeyOrca stacks up against ContentCal, and how each one can be beneficial for your business.

About HeyOrca

Designed for social media agencies, HeyOrca was founded in 2016, when its CEO, Joe Teo, saw a need for content creation and collaboration tools in social media agencies.

Unlike traditional pricing plans, HeyOrca charges per social media calendar, which you can add up to ten social media accounts to. Additional calendars will cost half the price of your first, and businesses can receive discounts for signing up for over 20.

About ContentCal

Also launched in 2016, ContentCal was created by a team of social media marketers to allow them and others to schedule their content efficiently, respond to messages and create reports, plus have access to a unified hub for all content marketing activity.

There is a selection of plans available for small teams and large corporations: Essential, Advanced, Expert.

Ease of Use - HeyOrca

HeyOrca is a visual content calendar that allows you to schedule content, approve content, and more. It’s really simple to add your clients’ accounts to the platform, with each client assigned its specific content calendar for ease.

You can publish content to Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories (via an app or email), LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business.

When adding content, you first select the date and time you’d like it to be posted, then you can add Category Tags, campaign names, images, text, and more. You can design assets within the platform if you wish, using Canva, plus add GIFs, videos and shorten your URL.

Users can preview how the post will look on desktop and mobile, plus add internal comments to team members. To save posts to the library for later use, just select the icon that looks like three books.

The Audit Trail allows you to see exactly who’s made edits to the posts, which is useful for teams with lots of people involved in content planning. You can view the day’s content or the month’s content by switching between the two tabs, plus filter what’s in the visual content calendar to find certain posts.

The Library lets you look at all of your previous content, as well as add new media for later use. You can add tags to images and videos, making them easier to find.

The Analytics is a simple layout, with key metrics laid out for you over a period of time. You can generate top-line reports to show your clients all of your hard work.

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Ease of Use - ContentCal

Searching for a HeyOrca alternative? Let us introduce you to ContentCal.

Also a visual content calendar, ContentCal makes posting on social media for business a breeze. Your accounts will be connected quickly, and the ContentCal onboarding team is on-hand to offer training and advice.

After adding your accounts, users, and assigning the relevant User Permissions, you can seamlessly add content to your calendar, select images, add Category Tags, saved Hashtags, and more. At this point, it can be sent for approval or scheduled straight away.

Visual users will enjoy ContentCal’s color-coded content calendar format, which clearly shows you each post’s state. The drag and drop ability is a must-use for rearranging posts at the drop of a hat. You can also reuse your posts in a split second with the 'Duplicate post' function.

The Content Hub is where all of your previous posts and ideas will live, making it ideal for teams to collaborate on social media activity. As well as this, the wider marketing team can plan out its overarching strategy, work on campaigns together, store long-form content, and collaborate with people in other parts of the business.

One highlight of this HeyOrca alternative is the ContentCal Engage feature. You can say goodbye to signing into each platform to respond to comments as they can all now be found in one universal inbox. This saves time for the team, allows faster responses, and enables you to cash in on those goldmine social interaction moments as they happen. You can also assign tasks to different members of your team, letting the person who’s best placed to deal with a query, do so.

ContentCal is also available on Zapier meaning that you can integrate thousands of apps and work from one hub on pretty much everything including Gmail, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

ContentCal’s analytics are simple but effective for most professional or agency’s needs. You’ll get a handle on your top-performing content, see all the relevant metrics, and learn how to create better content for your brand or clients.

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Platform Highlights - HeyOrca

Visual content calendar

Being able to preview posts not only speeds up the scheduling process but makes approvals simple, freeing up time.

Ease of use

HeyOrca is simple to use, plus the team offers free training to get your company up to speed.

Manage multiple client calendars

The content calendar format helps to keep your clients separate, with an individual calendar for each one.

In-built asset creation software

Facebook Creator Studio and Canva are both integrated within the HeyOrca content calendar, cutting down on time spent on different websites.

Content Library

You can reschedule your evergreen content easily as everything is stored within the Content Library. Tag the post as ‘Evergreen’ to swiftly locate it, too.

Instagram publishing

You can publish single image posts via Buffer integration.


Having approval capabilities is key for freelancers and agencies, with the team and clients themselves able to comment on content to communicate effectively.

Audit Trail

Keep track of all edits and changes with the unique Audit Trail addition.

Unlimited users

You don’t have to pay extra to have your whole team on the account.

Availability of support

HeyOrca promises excellent support times, with responses in five minutes or less.

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Platform Weaknesses - HeyOrca


There’s no denying that HeyOrca does social well, but there aren’t any features for further marketing support, such as an editorial calendar, campaign planning abilities, and places to store long-form content.

No response feature

Social media marketers will still need to log into each of the platforms or use a secondary tool to respond to comments and messages.

Weak analytics

Agencies rely on brilliant reporting to show their clients how well their efforts are paying off. HeyOrca’s analytics are basic, although there is a Reporting beta in the works.

Platform Highlights - ContentCal

Ease of use

It couldn’t be easier to feel confident and comfortable with ContentCal; the platform is intuitive, clear, and concise.

Community management tool

Having a single inbox to work from not only will save you time during working hours but will enable you to maximize the interactions you have with your followers. Plus, splitting the workload throughout the team ensures peak productivity.

Marketing hub

ContentCal is more than just a social media scheduling tool. Your team can work on shared Calendars, store content, plan campaigns, and collaborate with the wider business, making it the perfect fit for agencies, freelancers, and social teams.

Long-form content

Curate other forms of content, such as newsletters, blogs, press releases and more with the Articles feature.

Content re-use

Elevate your evergreen content and create templates to save time when creating new content.


Gain suggestions, notes, and ideas from other teams within the business, by using the Contributions feature.

Availability of support

Get a response within just minutes during working hours from our dedicated team.

Easy-to-use analytics

Measure your performance with the Analytics tab, which features easy-to-read reports, date range capability, and insights that will help you optimize your content to perform.

contributions form

Platform Weaknesses - ContentCal

Content suggestions

ContentCal isn't able to suggest hashtags, topics, or generate content on your behalf. This is something ContentCal may introduce in the future. Keep an eye on the product roadmap to stay in the loop.


HeyOrca is a visual content calendar that allows agencies and teams to effortlessly schedule content, request approval, and collaborate on client work. The separate calendar view makes the user-experience clean and clutter-free, enabling users to keep all client activity separate. Depending on the needs of your business, HeyOrca could increase efficiency and streamline your workflow.

However, HeyOrca’s reporting feature is lacking for agencies, especially when there are HeyOrca alternatives that will allow you to create detailed, customizable reports with your own branding. Furthermore, being unable to respond to comments and messages means that teams will need to seek other software, or continue to use the social media networks themselves to stay connected.

ContentCal does offer the ability to engage with your followers within the platform, along with a hub to collaborate on many forms of content, including newsletters, blog posts, and press releases. It can act as an editorial calendar as well as a social media scheduling tool, plus lets you seek approval from stakeholders and clients.

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