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ContentCal compared to Kontentino

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
17th February 2021

The best social media publishing tools elevate your social strategy, provide time saving features, and ultimately make life easier for you and your team.

While social media schedulers can seem similar on the surface, we’re delving deep to help you decide which is ideal for your business.

About Kontentino

Kontentino was developed as an internal tool for a European ad agency, but they soon saw it could be useful for freelancers, agencies, and businesses outside of its own. It aims to streamline social media content creation, along with marketing team workflows.

There are a number of plans to choose from; Starter, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, but how much you pay per month depends on the features and users you select, along with any added modules.

About ContentCal

ContentCal was created by a social media marketing agency, with first-hand knowledge of the challenges marketing teams face when it comes to social media. It helps to energize marketing strategies, improve workflows, and streamline social media and content marketing processes.

Users can choose from a selection of plans: Essential, Advanced, and Expert.

Key Features - Kontentino

Currently, you can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with Kontentino, and it’s really easy to use. First off, you customize your workspace by selecting if you’re a brand or agency, how many people you want on your team, and your main focuses.

Once your chosen accounts are selected, your content is organized via each specific client, with a separate calendar, team, and content library. The post designer is user-friendly and various media types are supported. There is also the ability to boost posts and add labels. From here, you can assign a task to someone (i.e “add an image to this”), schedule the post, or send it for approval.

While Kontentino offers a visual calendar, the posts don’t show up in the calendar itself, but along the left-hand side. This could be an issue for some. You can drag and drop your content, plus ‘mass-change’ post statuses, if you wish to select them all as approved, or set them all as drafts.

Kontentino image 1

The workflow tab allows you to plan content before adding it to the calendar, and customize workflows to suit your team. The Inspirations tab is a place to store notes and ideas, so you can come back to them later.

The Media Library will house previous images and videos, where you can redownload them for later use. They’re grouped by albums, which can be searched for, but nothing within the albums is searchable.

You’re able to create Facebook Ads by using the Kontentino calendar, and everything will be exported to Ads Manager seamlessly.

You can schedule to Instagram using the IG Creator Studio or the mobile app, which gives you a drag-and-drop grid view to get the perfect Instagram aesthetic.

Get valuable insights about your posts, campaigns, and page performance using the insights and analytics tools. Discover your top posts, budget spend, track KPIs, and send these reports to your clients.

Key Features - ContentCal - Kontentino alternatives

ContentCal is a truly visual calendar that lets you plan and schedule social media content, along with the rest of your marketing activity. With an intuitive user interface and a friendly onboarding team, it’s easy to get connected and you’ll feel at home in just a few minutes.

Most social media networks are available within ContentCal, thanks to its Zapier connectivity (more on that, later). You can post new content at preset times, reuse evergreen content quickly, save hashtags, and create templates to make every aspect of social media management a breeze.

One of ContentCal’s most exciting features is the ability to reply to your messages, comments, and engagements from within the platform, saving you even more time. Find out more about who you’re speaking to with profile insights, and assign tasks to certain members of the team to ensure the best possible service.

Along with being one of the best social media scheduler tools out there, ContentCal enables your team to become more efficient and effective with marketing outside of social media, too. See your overarching campaigns in your calendar, create custom planning channels for projects, and get insights and ideas from the wider business with custom-made forms using the Contributions feature.


All of your content will be neatly stored within the Content Hub, which is completely searchable and easy to navigate. All your images, videos, ideas, and drafts, will live here, alongside all of your previous social media posts for easy reuse.

If blog posts, newsletters, and press releases are part of your content strategy, the Articles feature allows you to keep everything organized, run the content through your approval workflows, and perfect your long-form content.

Feedback and collaboration is encouraged, with team members able to comment and recommend edits on individual posts, ensuring you hit your deadlines with the best content possible.

ContentCal’s Zapier integrations allow you to utilize thousands of apps, such as Slack, Trello, Medium, and many more, which not only speeds up the onboarding process, but gives you endless possibilities.

Platform Pros - Kontentino

Simple social media scheduling

You can schedule content on a selection of networks, plan out your content, and then send it for approval. It’s really easy to use and you’ll pick it up in a matter of minutes.

Great customer care

According to Kontentino reviews, the customer support team is always on hand and dedicated to helping its customers achieve their goals.

Approval workflows

Clients can easily and quickly approve content, even via the mobile app, breaking through bottlenecks and helping you work more efficiently.

LinkedIn posts

One of the best things about Kontentino is that you can publish all types of LinkedIn posts on the platform.

Facebook Ads

If Facebook Ads are a main part of your strategy, you can cut some time out of your day by creating them within the Kontentino platform.

Idea planning

If you’re the type of person who needs somewhere to keep all of their amazing ideas, Kontentino will work well for you. The Workflow and Inspiration features allow you to follow ideas from inception to creation.

Assets library

The Media Library adds assets into albums. As there isn’t currently a way of tagging the photos, it does mean that you have to scroll through them to find what you need. You can only filter through your albums, not the individual posts.

Kontentino image 2

Platform Cons - Kontentino

Confusing pricing structure

While Kontentino has lots of options to choose from, it can be confusing to know exactly which plan you’ll need. Then, there are add-on modules to choose from, which can make your overall monthly or yearly payment pretty steep.

A little slow...

The platform itself is intuitive, but the experience overall could use some work. In this fast-paced world every second counts, so some marketers may find waiting for posts to publish or load to be frustrating.

Improvements needed

According to Kontentino reviews, the mobile app and analytics offering could both do with a few upgrades to make them more user-friendly and capable. The team has expressed that this is being worked on for 2021.

No inbox feature

To interact with your followers, you’ll need to visit each platform individually, rather than handling your engagements via the platform.

No direct-to-Instagram publishing

You can’t currently publish directly to Instagram, you have to use the mobile app or the IG Creator Studio.

Exporting issues

If you have already scheduled a Facebook post but then want to delete it, you need to login to the platform to do so.

Platform Pros - ContentCal

A true visual calendar

ContentCal has everything laid out exactly where you need it, with post previews so you know what’s coming up. What’s more, your marketing campaigns, ongoing projects, blogs, and newsletters can all be seen within the same calendar.

Social media strategy

With tools like saved hashtags, Category Tags, post templates, Preset Publishing Times, and best times to post (as in ContentCal Analytics), ContentCal can take your social media game to the next level, with minimal effort from you and the team.

Direct-to Instagram publishing

Like a handful of other Kontentino alternatives, you can schedule single-image and single-video feed posts from within the platform. However, if you're looking to publish multi-image posts and Stories, you’ll need to use the mobile app.


Manage all of your messages, comments, and interactions without ever needing to leave the ContentCal app. Plus, get profile insights and learn who your audience is, to inform your content strategy.


Approval Workflows

Whether an editor or a client needs to give the OK, you can create approval workflows within ContentCal to minimize errors and ensure all stakeholders are happy with the content.

Community management

Manage online communities with ease with the ability to publish to Facebook Groups.

Advanced content library

The Content Hub will not only let you store your images, videos, and ideas, but all of your past posts can be easily found for reuse.

Long-form content

If you regularly publish blog posts, newsletters, or put out press releases, you’ll be glad to know that these can all be controlled using the Articles feature.

Custom Planning Channels

Your marketing team can not only work on social media content but also plan blogs, projects, and events using the Custom Planning Channels.

Contributions and collaboration

The Contributions feature lets you create custom forms to gain feedback and ideas from the wider business, encouraging everyone to get in on the action. What’s more, the marketing team can comment with constructive criticism and edits, working together to create the best possible outcome.


Got some great ideas you need to jot down? Use the Notebook feature to store all of your drafts, tidbits, and thoughts.

Zapier integration

Teams can utilize thousands of apps with the Zapier integration including Slack, Airtable, Trello, and ClickUp.


Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your content using ContentCal’s easy-to-use analytics tools.

A* customer service

With responses in just a few minutes during the workday, ContentCal’s support team has earned itself a stellar reputation.

Platform Cons - ContentCal

No social listening tool

Currently, ContentCal doesn’t have a listening tool built into the platform.


When you’re comparing social media management tools, it’s important to note down what matters to you and what would really make your life easier. Try making a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and don’t-needs, to tick off exactly what you’re searching for. You’ll quickly find the best social media scheduler for you.

There’s no doubt that Kontentino will be a useful tool for some marketers, but compared to other social media publishing tools available, it has a little way to go in terms of performance and usability.

Plus, with the confusing price structure and the potential to max out your budget, it may be currently unattainable for some freelancers and agencies.

If you’re searching for Kontentino alternatives that won’t break the bank and have lots of exciting features, then give ContentCal a try.

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