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ContentCal compared to Loomly

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
14th December 2020

When you’re looking to streamline your social media workflow, you want the best social automation tools to help you get the job done, right? What can be a tedious and time-consuming, yet ultimately rewarding task, can be transformed with the help of the right scheduling tool.

Let’s take a look at two big hitters Loomly and ContentCal, to find out which one you should invest in.

About Loomly

Loomly was created by social media managers Thibaud Clement and Noemie Clement, and was launched in 2016. It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and more, and aims to streamline the process that many workflows have failed to do.

The company has a good range of plans available: Base, Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise.

About ContentCal

ContentCal is the brainchild of a London social media marketing agency, created in 2016. As well as allowing you to schedule content, it acts as a seamless hub for all your marketing activity. You can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business, plus many more.

You can choose from a selection of plans: Essential, Advanced, and Expert.

Content hub library

Ease of Use - Loomly

The Loomly scheduling tool is relatively easy to use, although it isn’t as visually striking as some others on the market. Those who value simplicity will be relieved.

When you first join, you’re asked to create a Calendar, then select a Workflow. The Workflows determine how many people are in charge of approval and the number of post states there are. You can choose from Original, Lite, and Zero. If you have an RSS feed, you can connect it at this stage, plus add the email addresses of people who will have access to the Calendar.

The process of creating a post is more complicated than a standard social media scheduler, but the aim is to improve your social media offering, so for beginners, it could be really useful.

There’s a selection of Post Ideas, which are great for fuelling inspiration. You then follow six steps to build your post; labeling it with color-codes for topic types, selecting the social channel, defining your generic content, fine-tuning it for each channel, audience targeting (and the option for promoted posts), then scheduling.

These steps are packed with useful tidbits to give your post the best chance of being successful, such as a traffic light score on format, copy, image, date, and time. In the Calendar view, there’s an option for a Quick Post, if you want to skip all of these steps.

There’s a content Library where all of your images and videos will be stored, and any links or text you want to save for later can live here, too. You can also create post templates to make recurring posts easier.

The Interactions tab lets you easily manage your responses in one place, bringing in all of your interactions from across your accounts.

If you prefer, you can manage your paid social activity through Loomly, as well as measure your performance with analytics.

Ease of Use - ContentCal

ContentCal is set up in a similar way to Loomly, with a Calendar to create first and foremost. There are handy tips as you explore to walk you through, plus a detailed Help Center to answer any questions you might have.

Once you’ve added your accounts, users, and assigned User Permissions, you can create content in a visual calendar layout. Click on the Calendar to create a post, selecting your profiles, adding images, Category Tags, Publish Time and Date, plus saved Hashtags. You can then send it for approval if need be.

Each post is color-coded, so you know the current state - Draft, Pending Approval, Approved, and Failed. The drag and drop ability is a time-saver when it comes to reorganizing content quickly.

Along with being an efficient content scheduling tool, ContentCal allows you to organize your marketing activity, ridding the need for multiple spreadsheets and logins. Using Zapier, you can integrate apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, and Trello.

Keep on top of all your mentions, comments, DMs, and more with ContentCal Engage. It’s a unified inbox that lets you see all conversations and reply as necessary, assigning tasks to different members of your team.

The platform is easy to navigate and isn’t overwhelming to use, as you can use the dropdown menu at the top of your Calendar to select which account you want to work on. You can also plan long-form content, drop quick ideas into the Pinboard or Content Hub.

Contentcal respond

Platform highlights - Loomly

Post Ideas

If you’re constantly looking at calendars for national days, you’ll be glad to see Loomly’s Post Ideas calendar, which acts as a digital marketing plan template. Along with social media trends, it has film launches, national days, and holidays.

Post optimization

If you’re a social media novice, the scoring system and helpful hints will really make you feel at home with your content. You’ll learn about the best times to post, the ideal length of copy, and more.

Fine-tuning posts

Having a generic base post which you can then tweak for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a real time-saver for those who often cross-post. With Loomly, scheduling across multiple platforms becomes unique again.

24/7 online support

Loomly’s support is very active, with users reporting 24/7 online support and very fast response times.

Client approval

Freelancers and agencies can easily give clients access to approve content, ridding the need for shared spreadsheets.

The Library

Keep all of your assets in one place for later use, along with post ideas.

Post targeting and paid social

Zoom in on your target audience with the ability to choose who sees your posts, as well as managing your social media ads.

Price plan flexibility

There are a number of affordable price plans for small businesses (albeit without some features), plus options for larger businesses.

loomly image 1

Platform weaknesses - Loomly


You can’t rush great content, but experienced marketers may not benefit from the complicated 'build a post' workflow. This could then make the feature redundant.

Simple analytics

The analytics aren’t too different from those found in the social platforms themselves.

Platform highlights - ContentCal

Ease of use

ContentCal is absolutely up there as one of the easiest to use on the market. Everything is bright and colorful, labeled clearly, and there are no long-winded ways of getting the job done.

A unified marketing hub

Ideal for freelancers, agencies and teams of social media marketers, you can work on shared Calendars, store and seek content from the Content Hub Library, plan future campaigns, and keep on top of social media responses in one place.

Content reuse

The option to easily duplicate your posts means timeless, evergreen content can be reused time and time again with ease. Reuse content from the Calendar, or from the Content Hub Library where you can create and store template posts.

Plan for all content-types

Aside from social media, your team can use Custom Planning Channels to map out other forms of content, such as campaigns, newsletters, blogs, and more. With Articles, you can fully prepare and store all your long-form content, too.

Responses made easy

With a single inbox to work from, you’ll never miss a message or comment ever again, maximizing the social interaction on your page.

Collaborate with the wider company

With the Contributions feature, you can tap into knowledge around the business, enabling colleagues to submit ideas and suggestions with custom forms.

Availability of support

Got a quick question? The ContentCal team makes its customers a priority, with queries responded to within a matter of minutes during working hours.

On-boarding and team training

A dedicated team is ready to set your business up, allowing you to get straight to work and build your social empire.

Easy-to-use analytics

The Analytics tab allows you to stay informed of your progress, with date range capability. You can also get insights on your audience growth, engagement levels, and best performing content.

Seamless content integration

ContentCal will become your marketing team’s new home, working as a centralized hub for anything and everything they’re working on. Spreadsheets, documents, and shared folders are no longer necessary.


Pricing is affordable, with a range of plans available, and you’re billed monthly.


Platform weaknesses - ContentCal

Content ideation

Although ContentCal does come with features to help you gather and collate content inspiration and ideas, it's not so good at actually suggesting content ideas such as hashtags, topics, or trends to get involved with. This is something ContentCal plans to improve in the future so keep an eye on the product roadmap.


The Loomly scheduling tool is definitely a step up from the usual, offering detailed support to help you get the most out of your posts. While the build a post tool is time-consuming, for those new to social media or wanting to improve their knowledge, it’ll be a really exciting process - it’s a ready-made digital marketing plan template.

For experienced marketers, the long-winded post creation process may be frustrating, and using the Quick Post option may become the norm, making the Build feature redundant. That being said, no one knows everything, so perhaps some will learn something new from the process.

While it does have a Library for assets, analytics, and can connect to other apps via Zapier, it doesn’t tap into some of the wider needs of a marketing team, which is where ContentCal really comes into its own.

Having your whole marketing team on one page is priceless, and that’s what ContentCal can help you achieve. Along with a sleek, easy-to-use scheduling tool, you can track all your other marketing activity, involve the wider business for ideas and streamline your workflow, all within one universal hub.

These are easily two of the best social automation tools on the market, so ultimately the decision depends on your business needs and budget.

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