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ContentCal compared to Planoly

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th January 2021

Over one billion people use Instagram every month, making it an integral platform for brands and influencers to reach their customers and followers. If you aren’t doing it (and also doing it well) then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

However, one of the key social media tips we often shout about is consistency. Posting on Instagram infrequently, without a real content strategy can be detrimental to your following, which is why you need to get a handle on both of these things.

While Facebook and Twitter both have easy-to-use native scheduling tools to help you out, Instagram currently doesn’t offer that support. The Facebook Creator Studio will let you schedule your content, but it doesn’t give you the grid view we all desire. That’s why, in order to get your posts out there to the world within your working week and to make sure they fit with your aesthetic, you’ll need to rely on a social media scheduling app.

There are many content marketing tools out there that’ll let you schedule your Instagram offering, but each comes with a set of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the Planoly app and compare it with ContentCal, to help you make the call on which social media scheduling app is right for you.

About Planoly

Planoly is one of a number of mobile and desktop social media planning tools available, with a visual focus. Founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team, it’s designed to help companies and influencers balance social media posting with everyday life.

There’s a free version of Planoly, which allows one user to schedule up to 30 posts per month across Instagram and Pinterest, plus a selection of other social media tools.

Users can also opt for Solo, Duo, and Custom accounts, which start from $7 per month.

About ContentCal

ContentCal is the brainchild of a social media marketing agency, which was launched to market in 2016. There were many content marketing tools that helped to schedule content, but what about improving strategies, workflows, and communication within businesses, too? This is where ContentCal differs.

Users can select from a variety of plans: Pro, Company, Premium and Enterprise, starting from $17 per month.

Ease of Use - Planoly

The Planoly app is really easy to use on both mobile and desktop, especially as an Instagram scheduling tool. Once you’ve connected your accounts, you upload your images, GIFs, or videos, input your caption, time, and saved hashtag groups, then see it appear on your grid.

The drag and drop tool is useful, letting you rearrange your content quickly. You can also create a quick schedule with your favorite times to post, plus find out when your audience is online and automatically add those times to your queue.

Planoly compared to ContentCal 1

You can add notes to your calendar if there’s something you need to remember, like the beginning of a campaign, or a celebrity birthday or anniversary. You can also edit the settings so that it tells you the US or global national days and entertainment events.

If you have a paid account, you can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to enable auto-posting on those platforms, too.

Overall, Planoly could be more intuitive in places and some options could be more obvious, but the learning curve is shallow and most marketers will pick it up really easily.

Ease of Use - ContentCal

ContentCal also features a visual calendar layout, which lets you see all of your social media posts across all platforms clearly. Adding your accounts, users, and assigning User Permissions is simple. But if you do have any questions there’s an onboarding team available to help, as well as an extensive help center.

It’s a drag and drop content marketing tool, helping you to reorganize content quickly if need be. The color-coded publish states allow you to check the status of your Calendar, and you can easily re-use your posts at the click of a button.

As well as organizing your social media, ContentCal lets you store, collaborate and plan for any marketing content. The Content Hub is where all of your previous posts will be stored, as well as any images or future content ideas. Your teams can plan out their social and marketing strategies, work on campaigns, and collaborate with people across the business.

Content hub library

If you’re searching for a content marketing tool to help you handle all of your accounts in one place, ContentCal Engage will be a big hit. It brings all of your inboxes together in a single, useful place, so you can reply to comments, mentions, DMs, and more.

The Analytics tool allows you to smoothly see your top-performing content, relevant metrics and learn how to create better content for your brand or clients.

It’s really intuitive, with everything clearly labeled and easy to use.

Platform Highlights - Planoly

Visual planner

First and foremost, Planoly is a visual tool, which makes it ideal for marketers and influencers who love to see their grid before they post.

Drag and drop

Easily reorganize your content by dragging and dropping posts within the Planoly app.

Planoly compared to ContentCal 2

Suggested times to post

Post your content when your audience is online to maximize your content.

Reposting content

Regramming content is easy, just copy the URL into the planner and it’ll be imported quickly and easily, along with the account it was imported from.

Content sharing

With a simple link, you can share your planned content with a client or brand, where they can access the images and caption, plus date and time.

Topline analytics

With a paid plan, you can see your topline stats and keep an eye on your progress on Instagram and Pinterest.

Comment inbox

See a selection of your comments (depending on your plan) and respond directly within the app.

Sellit integration

SELLIT allows you to create a store via the Planoly app, which enables you to sell products with, or without a website.


Drive traffic to your website or blog with a collection of links that relate to your posts.


You can upload, schedule, and publish Pins within your Planoly account, plus plan campaigns and with a paid plan, analyze your performance.


Planoly gives you the ability to schedule your Stories, but they do still need to be manually posted via the app.

Platform Weaknesses - Planoly

Auto-post needs work

While the auto-post feature works 80 percent of the time, there are times when it will fail without explanation, and you’ll need to manually post via the app. While not a huge deal-breaker, it’s a frustration if you’re managing a few accounts.


The Discover tool looks great, but will only work for well-populated hashtags, like ‘#love’ and ‘#foodie’. If you’re looking for more specific posts, it won’t pull these in.

Basic scheduling tool

While Planoly offers a lot in terms of Instagram and Pinterest scheduling, the app itself is basic and can be glitchy and slow.

Topline analytics

While getting access to your main stats is great, the depth of the analytics won’t be sufficient for agencies or some brands.

No media library

Your posts are split into ‘scheduled’, ‘unscheduled’, and ‘drafts’. While it works on a day-to-day level, you’ll have to scroll back through your feed to find your favorite posts.

Not designed for larger teams

The Planoly app was created for influencers, which means that the plans don’t allow for large teams. Although you can add multiple users in the custom plans, most of the plans are tailored to one or two users and just a couple of accounts.

Platform Highlights - ContentCal

Ease of use

ContentCal is really simple to use and balances the visual aspect of planning content, along with many other different types of content, like blogs and newsletters.

Instagram Grid Use ContentCal's Grid View to see how all of your upcoming content will appear on the grid. Easily rearrange and make adjustments for the most aesthetically pleasing layout.

Manage social media conversations

The Respond tool lets you handle all of your messages in one place, allowing you to high-quality customer service with quick responses.

Single marketing hub

As a marketing hub, ContentCal enables you to work on shared Calendars, store content, plan campaigns, and collaborate with the wider business, making it ideal for agencies, freelancers, and social teams.

Long-form content

Create long-form content such as blog posts, newsletters, press releases, and more with Articles.

Content re-use

Re-use content easily and create templates to save time in your workweek.

Get others involved

The Contributions feature gives you the opportunity to tap into knowledge around the business, creating a collaborative workforce.

Availability of support

Receive a response within minutes during the working day, allowing you to get back to the grind as soon as possible.

Easy-to-use analytics

The Analytics tab features easy-to-read reports, date range capability, and insights on how to optimize your content to perform.

Contentcal respond

Platform Weaknesses - ContentCal

Simple analytics

Although ContentCal’s analytics are readily available, the reports themselves aren’t as in-depth as they could be. For marketers who need quick, topline reports, though, they’ll be ideal. New updates to ContentCal Analytics are currently on the way; check the roadmap for more information.


There’s no denying that Planoly is one of the best social media planning tools to schedule your visual content on Instagram and Pinterest. With some cool tools, you can elevate your Instagram and Pinterest offering and make your life easier.

The platform itself is affordable, but with that, comes a basic user experience, with some bugs and glitches that may frustrate you along the way. It’s great for influencers whose main focuses are Instagram and Pinterest, or for freelancers handling one or two brands, but won’t be suited to larger teams.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one content marketing tool that will not only let you schedule your Instagram and Pinterest content but also handle all of your accounts, encourage your marketing team to engage, collaborate and plan all at once then ContentCal will see you through.

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