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ContentCal compared to SocialPilot

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
24th February 2021

With so many social media marketing tools vying for your attention, choosing the right one can feel like an impossible decision to make, but we're here to make it easier

If you’re considering SocialPilot or a similar alternative, this guide to key features, pros, and cons should help you make the call. In this review, we look at how SocialPilot stacks up against ContentCal, and which one is best suited to you.

About SocialPilot

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media marketing tool that helps professionals, teams, and  businesses automate social media management. You can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, and VK.

About ContentCal

ContentCal is the brainchild of a social media marketing agency, that enables freelancers, agencies, and businesses to streamline marketing strategies, create, schedule, and publish content, all from one visual calendar.

Most social media networks are available via ContentCal, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Additional integrations can also be set up using Zapier, enabling you to publish to other channels and apps, such as Trello and Airtable.

Key Features - SocialPilot review

SocialPilot’s user interface is simple, with everything you need down the left-hand side. It’s great for agencies, allowing you to manage over 50 profiles within one plan. Once your accounts are connected you can start posting, with features such as a default posting schedule, repeat content scheduling, bulk scheduling, mentions, and you can save draft posts or ideas for later.

The Social Inbox brings together interactions from your Facebook pages into one place, meaning less time spent within Facebook itself.

You can set up approval flows and make sure your content gets in front of those who need to see it before it goes live - including clients and other stakeholders.

socialpilot image 1

Want to boost a Facebook post from within the app? You can do so, directly from the SocialPilot dashboard.

SocialPilot has Zapier integration, so you can access thousands of apps to streamline your workload further, plus post to platforms not yet supported by SocialPilot.

Agencies will love the grouping feature, which lets you separate social media accounts into groups to make them easier to manage.

SocialPilot provides easy-to-understand social media analytics to keep tabs on your social media performance. You can export your data into a PDF report with a single click, although personalized reports are only available on the higher-priced plans.

Key Features - ContentCal - SocialPilot alternatives

ContentCal is a striking visual calendar that allows teams to plan, schedule, and publish social media content, along with long-form content. It’s easy to set up, and the support team is extremely responsive if you need a hand.

Included in its social media toolkit is preset publishing times, evergreen content reuse, saved hashtags, post templates, a Notebook for ideas, Category Tags, as well as an array of other planning and content organization features.


Alongside scheduling posts, ContentCal lets you reply to messages, comments, and engagements across a number of social networks from one central inbox. Profile insights will also help you learn more about your audience and inform your content strategy.

What sets ContentCal apart from most social media marketing tools is the way it combines social media management with streamlining every other aspect of your content marketing strategy. Current and upcoming campaigns will also feature in your calendar, and teams can use custom planning channels to plan and prepare.

Team members can comment on each post within ContentCal, opening up the floor for creativity and collaboration to flourish. Plus, you can get ideas and feedback from anyone in the business with custom-made forms from the Contributions feature.

If storing upcoming and previous content is an issue, ContentCal’s Content Hub contains all posts, images, videos, documents, and drafts, for easy filtering and reuse.

Keep up to date with progress with ContentCal’s effective and user-friendly analytics. Find out your top-performing posts, discover key metrics and generate reports.

With the Articles feature, you can also prepare longer-form press releases, blog posts, and newsletters from within the platform.

ContentCal’s Zapier integration allows you to utilize thousands of apps, such as Slack, Google Suite, Mailchimp, and more, which not only helps with getting your team up to speed, but allows you to work from one single place.

Platform Pros - SocialPilot

Great for agencies

SocialPilot’s plans are brilliant for agencies, with between 25 and 50 social media account spots up for grabs.

Social inbox

Respond to comments, messages, and posts across Facebook Pages from one place, speeding up the process and saving you time.

Approval workflows

Delegate, edit and publish with approval workflows, minimizing errors and ensuring your client is happy.

SocialPilot image 2

Content discovery

Have content delivered directly to you with SocialPilot’s content discovery feature, and easily add it to your calendar.

Repeat content scheduling

When publishing, you can ask that a post be repeated between one and ten times over a set period.

Facebook post boosting

Utilize social media budgets to help content perform better by boosting posts from within the platform.

Zapier integration

Access thousands of apps thanks to SocialPilot’s Zapier integration.

Support options

Speak to the support team simply and quickly via live chat or email.


SocialPilot is great value for money, making it ideal for businesses and agencies.

Platform Cons - SocialPilot

Facebook-only inbox

SocialPilot currently only offers Facebook messages within its inbox, meaning you’ll still need to login to other platforms to respond to your followers.

Not designed for freelancers

While the plans are great for agencies and small teams, freelancers might feel that the professional plan is overkill, with three members minimum, and 25 social accounts. A cheaper, simpler option would be beneficial here.

Not as visual as it could be

While SocialPilot does offer a calendar view, the information given for each post is minimal, meaning you’ll have to click into it to see what media you have scheduled.

Platform Pros - ContentCal

A bird’s eye view of your content

ContentCal understands that to be one of the best marketing tools around, users need to see everything clearly, which is why it’s a true visual calendar, with all images and details intelligently set out.

More than just social media

Plan out your marketing campaigns, projects, and long-form content from within the same platform, and use Custom Planning Channels to tailor the Calendar to your team’s needs.

Social Media Inbox

Manage your messages, comments, and interactions from across all of your social media accounts.


Approval workflows

Managers and clients can access certain areas of the calendar with set permissions, allowing you to get approval quickly and smoothly. Comments allow for quick edits and feedback.

Community management

Manage online communities with the ability to publish to Facebook Groups.

Media library

Store your images, videos, documents, and past posts within the Content Hub.

Encourage collaboration

Expand the social conversation with the Contributions feature, creating custom forms to gain feedback and ideas from the wider business.

Zapier integration

Teams can utilize thousands of apps with the Zapier integration to publish to platforms that aren’t included in ContentCal.

Stellar service

Expect to hear from the support team within minutes during the workweek if you have an issue or need some help.

Affordable plans for all

ContentCal’s plans think about big businesses, the little guy, and everyone in between, so you’re sure to find a plan that will suit you, and won’t break the bank.

Platform Cons - ContentCal

No content discovery feature

While ContentCal’s Hub can be a home for all of your existing and planned content, there isn’t currently a way to discover new content from within the platform. You can, however, utilize the Web Clipper browser add-on to save articles from around the web into ContentCal.

Fewer users

Although ContentCal can create a tailor-made plan to suit your business, the standard plans offer fewer user spots than SocialPilot.


It’s clear from this SocialPilot review that SocialPilot and ContentCal are similar in terms of features, usability, and the ability to make your life easier when it comes to managing content.

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