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ContentCal compared to Sprinklr

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
7th January 2021

If you’re looking for a marketing tool that will help you to take control of your social media channels, deliver brilliant content, and also streamline your marketing team’s processes, you may be asking yourself whether it’s worth splashing out for one of the biggest players on the market. You may also be toying with the idea of keeping it simple but still improving your processes in a big way. To spend, or not to spend? That is the question.

There are some incredible marketing tools out there that will transform the ways in which you work, but is an all-singing-all-dancing tool really right for your business, especially with the hefty price tag that comes with it?

Let’s take a look at Sprinklr, an all-in-one marketing powerhouse, and ContentCal, a social media planning and publishing tool, to see which is best for your business needs.

About Sprinklr

Sprinklr was launched by Ragy Thomas in 2009, as what started out as a spare bedroom project. Since its inception, it’s ballooned into one of the biggest marketing platforms available, boasting clients like Microsoft, Nike, and Cisco.

Its aim is to revolutionize marketing, with products such as Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement designed to make life easier for marketers and other teams within the business. Plus, its goal is to deliver excellent customer interactions and grow a brand’s online presence.

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About ContentCal

On the other end of the scale, but by no means any less impressive, ContentCal has been on the market since 2016, created by social media marketers to help social media marketers. ContentCal comes with an excellent support team and a whole host of tools to streamline your marketing strategy, such as Content Hub, Contributions, Articles and Respond.

You can choose from a selection of plans: Essential, Advanced, and Expert.

Ease of Use - Sprinklr

Sprinklr is an all-in-one marketing tool with so much to explore, so it requires a lot of training and time to navigate and learn all of its features. With Sprinklr, social media scheduling is just the tip of the iceberg - there’s so much more to discover.

It handles everything from social listening and content moderation to paid social and detailed analytics, all while allowing employees to work together in one dedicated space.

It can help large, global teams connect on campaigns and communicate efficiently, store assets and engage with customers, but comes with the mammoth task of getting everyone trained up, accounts and permissions set up, and lots of fancy technology to get to grips with.

Sprinklr isn’t just a scheduling tool, it will completely revamp the way your marketing team works, with AI and workflows at its core. For this reason, the learning curve is steep, and reviews seem to suggest that the support team could do with some improvement to make the experience easier.

Ease of Use - ContentCal

ContentCal is easy to use. If you’ve had experience with any content scheduling tool or social media calendar, you’ll easily pick up how everything works. As well as a dedicated support team to walk you through each part of the platform, there’s also a huge Help Center, with tips on how to get the most out of your new scheduling tool.

Once you’ve added your accounts, users, and assigned User Permissions, you can create content in a visual Calendar layout. Posts are color-coded for ease, you can drag and drop content and switch things around at the drop of a hat.

Content hub library

As well as content scheduling abilities, ContentCal allows you to centralize your marketing activity, so there’s no need for a million spreadsheets and social tools. What’s more, apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, and Trello can all be integrated with ContentCal using Zapier.

Uninitiated and more experienced marketers will have no qualms getting to grips with all that ContentCal has to offer.

Platform highlights - Sprinklr

It really can do everything

If you have the budget, the team, and the time to invest in Sprinklr publishing, it will change your social marketing game. Forever.


AI technologies run through the heart of Sprinklr, providing engagement, analysis, content ideas and much more.

Sprinklr social media content tracking

You can easily track content from employees, influencers, and customers to add to your content schedule, which saves time trawling through hashtags and tagged posts on your accounts.

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Collaboration between internal teams

Leave notes, upload files and communicate between numerous teams so that everyone is always in the loop. You can communicate with external teams and vendors, too.

Unified marketing calendar

Even teams who work across multiple time zones can stay up to date with the latest campaigns, as everything is organized into one handy calendar.

Asset management

Store your brand’s assets and files in one place, eliminating the need for shared drives and folders.

Sprinklr social listening

Get access to billions of conversations about your brand and competitors, using AI to tap into your new insights for success.

Smart communication

Assist your customers across all touchpoints and social media platforms with messaging, live chat, emails, SMS, and more.

Global compliance framework

Stay in control of who can post what on your social channels with detailed permissions, meaning that your brand tone of voice will never be compromised. You can also add templates, rules, and processes to streamline the process and safeguard your brand.

PR safety net

Content can be restricted for confidentiality, you can monitor ‘red-flag keywords’ and automatically stop publishing across all channels, when required.

Exciting reporting

Create magnificent presentations with Sprinklr’s Live Slide™ technology to wow your managers.

Platform weaknesses - Sprinklr

Sprinklr pricing

There’s a reason that Sprinklr doesn’t actively advertise its packages and prices online - because it’s seriously expensive. Given that it’s aimed at large corporations with huge budgets, it isn’t suitable for a freelancer or small business. To get a quote on Sprinklr pricing for your business, you’ll need to contact them directly.

For the big guns

Sprinklr is suited to corporations that have large teams who can really take advantage of everything it has to offer, meaning there isn’t much room for the little guy.

Mobile app isn’t user-friendly

Despite having such amazing tech behind its web browser, the mobile app could be more user-friendly. Many users will find that Sprinklr publishing will mostly be done on the web browser, which can make things difficult if you’re always on the move.

Platform highlights - ContentCal

A unified marketing hub

Your team can work on Calendars, curate assets in the Content Hub, plan campaigns, and handle all of your social media responses and create awesome content in one place.

Content reuse

Easily duplicate your evergreen posts and re-use them as often as you like to maximize their usability. Choose from the Calendar, or from the Content Hub Library where you can create and store template posts.

Plan for all content-types

Use Articles to create blogs, emails, and newsletters, which you can build directly into your calendar, giving you visibility across all of your online marketing, not just social media.


Respond in a flash

Stay in touch with your followers using the Engage tab, where you can reply to mentions, comments, and direct messages without switching between platforms. Make light work of the job by assigning team members to messages and including internal notes for future use.

Business-wide collaboration

Utilize the Contributions feature to create forms for colleagues to submit content ideas and suggestions for the marketing team to follow up on, connecting your team and giving everyone a chance to share their input.

First-class support

You won’t find a support team as dedicated as ContentCal’s, with queries responded to within mere minutes during working hours.

On-boarding and team training

With custom plans and a team ready to set your business up, you will quickly become experts in using ContentCal.

Easy-to-use analytics

Check your overall progress, social media platform growth, and generate reports to gain valuable insights on your content strategy.

Seamless content integration

Anything and everything your marketing team wants to work on can be stored in ContentCal, meaning spreadsheets, documents, and shared folders are a thing of the past.


Pricing is affordable and payments are made on a monthly basis. There’s also a 14-day free trial so you can try before you buy.

Platform weaknesses - ContentCal

Content generations

Although ContentCal does have features for collating inspiration and ideas, it's not (yet) able to suggest or generate content for you. Keep an eye on the product roadmap to see what's in the pipeline.


There’s no denying that Sprinklr delivers a jaw-dropping amount of tools to help marketers across the globe make the most of their time and utilize AI as a helping hand. If you’re a large corporation with the budget to spend and a marketing team that’s eager to learn, it would be a brilliant option.

While ContentCal is small, it is mighty. For freelancers, agencies, and businesses, it will transform your content offering by helping you to be more organized, collaborative, and inspired, while delivering a top class service to your clients and followers.

In this scenario, what your choice comes down to is the size of your business and the budget you have to spend. Many Sprinklr competitors don’t offer the vast array of tools that it has under its bonnet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be right for your business. Sometimes, it’s worth paying attention to the little guy to see what they have on offer.

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